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Our podcast presents ideas to help you become digitally invisible, stay secure from cyber threats, and make you a better online investigator.


298-OSINT Maintenance Notes
297-KYC, 2FA, macOS, & OSINT Updates Notes
296-The Argument for a Stock Browser Notes
295-Breach Data Collection Revisited Notes
294-Preparing for Home Disaster Notes
293-Financial Software Considerations Notes
292-Vital News & Updates Notes
291-Mobile App Security & Audio Transcription Notes
290-Extreme Privacy: Mobile Devices Notes
289-Combo Lists & Extreme Privacy Series Notes
288-Privacy, Security, & OSINT Updates Notes
287-Listener Questions, UNREDACTED 5, & OSINT 10 Notes
286-Closing Out 2022 Notes
285-Travel Security Revisited Notes
284-Password Managers & 2FA Revisited Notes
283-Announcements, Updates, & News Notes
282-Major OSINT Updates Notes
281-The Obsession Of Extreme Privacy Notes
280-The Future Of Extreme Privacy Notes
279-Comms Ownership & Open Databases Notes
278-Breach Assumptions Offer Comfort Notes
277-Burner Backfires & VoIP Updates Notes
276-When Google Attacks Notes
275-Archived Site Removal & Breaches Galore Notes
274-Firewall Stability Modifications Notes
273-Credential Exposure Removal Notes
272-Processor Attacks Explained Notes
271-OSINT Tool Updates II Notes
270-OSINT Tool Updates I Notes
269-New OSINT Tools & Breach Data Lessons Notes
268-CCW Permits, UNREDACTED, & Linux Questions Notes
267-macOS Privacy & Security Revisited Notes
266-The Sole Proprietorship Notes
265-HP Dev One with Pop!_OS Notes
264-Back to Basics-Linux I Notes
263-Proton Changes & New Breach Lessons Notes
262-Brief Updates Notes
261-A Client Stops By Notes
260-Google's New Policy Change Notes
259-Leaving Kindle Notes
258-Introducing UNREDACTED Magazine Notes
257-Early Warning Notes
256-Extreme Privacy Fatigue Notes
255-Dedicated VPN IP Addresses Notes
254-OSINT+Fugitives=Rewards Notes
253-Dash Cams Notes
252-Secure Communications Conversion Notes
251-Six Important Show Updates Notes
250-Consequences of Product Refunds Notes
249-Requests, Freezes, & Removals Notes
248-Privacy vs. COVID Notes
247-Weekly Recap Notes
246-Android Sanitization Notes
245-OSINT 9 & Privacy Updates Notes
244-2021 Show Review & Updates Notes
243-Emergency Bags Notes
242-Privacy News & Updates Notes
241-Listener Questions Notes
Announcement: Listener Questions Show Notes
240-Privacy, Security, & OSINT Updates Notes
239-Health Portals, Vulnerabilities, and Voice Cloning Notes
238-Tying Up Loose Ends Notes
237-The Huge OSINT Show Notes
236-Three Topics in 14 Minutes Notes
235-iOS 15 Privacy Guide Notes
234-Privacy, Security, & OSINT Updates Notes
233-Anonymous Phone Update Parts II & III Notes
232-Anonymous Phone Update Part I Notes
231-This Week In Privacy, Security, & OSINT Notes
230-Personal Data Removal Revisited Notes
229-Special: Apple neuralMatch Notes
228-New Privacy & OSINT Strategies Notes
227-Eleven Topics Notes
226-Personal Ransomware Exposure Notes
225-Lessons Learned This Week Notes
224-Employment Privacy & Security Notes
223-Secure Messaging Woes (and Solutions) Notes
222-Spoiler: We all die Notes
221-Anonymous Mobile Devices Notes
220-Privacy, Security, & OSINT Potluck Notes
219-Tracking (Or Getting Tracked) with AirTags Notes
218-Rebate Tracking (Privacy & OSINT) Notes
217-Extreme Privacy 3 & New VOIP Strategies Notes
216-The Consequences of Extreme Privacy Notes
215-When OSINT Is Abused Notes
214-Offense/Defense: The Capitol Siege Notes
213-Hashes 101 Notes
212-Vital Privacy, Security, & OSINT Updates Notes
211-Privacy Security & OSINT Potpourri Notes
210-Lessons in Online Purchases & Domain Expiration Notes
209-New OSINT Tactics Notes
208-Amazon Privacy & VOIP Updates Notes
207-VPN Routers Revisited Notes
206-Website Analytics Concerns & Solutions Notes
205-Five Shows In One Notes
204-Radio Frequency Monitoring Notes
203-Lessons in Redundancy Notes
202-Parler: Privacy, Security, & OSINT Notes
201-New OSINT Online Investigation Techniques Notes
200-Stalking, Doxing, and Online Harassment Notes
199-Physical Security Assessments Notes
198-New OSINT Strategies (Offense & Defense) Notes
197-Big Sur Update & Amazon Sidewalk Notes
196-What...A...Week... Notes
195-Email Reputation & QR Scanning Notes
194-Dealing With Drones & Foreign Residency Notes
193-Credit Cards & Campaign Data Notes
192-Secure Messaging Comparison Notes
191-Privacy, Security, & OSINT Updates Notes
190-Plant Your Flag (Revisited) Notes
189-iOS 14, Usenet, and Self-Publishing Notes
188-Privacy Updates & How to Disappear: Part Four Notes
187-Offense/Defense: IP Loggers Notes
186-How to Disappear: Part Three Notes
185-OSINT Tips, Tools, & Training Notes
184-How to Disappear: Part Two Notes
183-The Trouble With VPNs Notes
182-How to Disappear: Part One Notes
181-B-Four More Minutes Please... Notes
181-Four Updates in Ten Minutes Notes
180-Contact Management & Crash Reporting Notes
179-While We Were Away Notes
178-Privacy Crash Course 05: Listener Questions Notes
177-Privacy Crash Course 04: Computer Configuration Notes
176-Privacy Crash Course 03: Mobile Devices Notes
175-Privacy Crash Course 02: Email & Messengers Notes
174-Privacy Crash Course 01: Passwords & 2FA Notes
173-Extreme Privacy II & Account Hijacking Notes
172-RSS for Privacy & OSINT Notes
171-Jim McKelvey Notes
170-The Latest Unemployment, IRS, & ID Fraud Notes
169-This Week in Privacy Notes
168-Shannon Morse & OSINT Updates Notes
167-This Week In Privacy & OSINT Notes
166-Home Firewalls Revisited Notes
165-What Amazon & Twitter Knows About You (and Me) Notes
164-Session Private Messenger Notes
163-Working & Schooling From Home Notes
162-Credit Card Usage & Considerations Notes
161-Privacy & Security Services Failures Notes
160-Telephone Search Offense & Defense Notes
159-Sanity Check Notes
158-Recent Updates, News, Tools, & Resources Notes
157-Podcasting Lessons Learned Notes
156-Stalking Solutions with Zoe Rose Notes
155-Loyalty Programs, The Census, & Another Breach Search Notes
154-This Week in Privacy, Security, & OSINT Notes
153-Privacy News, Travel Routers, & OSINT Updates Notes
152-Listener Questions Notes
151-Your New Smart TV & CCPA Details Notes
150-Password Managers Revisited Notes
149-Secure & Private Email Showdown Notes
148-Camera & Microphone Blocking Notes
147-Show Corrections, Updates, & Maintenance Notes
146-Who Has Your Emails? Notes
145-Account Security Audits Notes
144-PIN vs Fingerprint & Apple Data Collection Update Notes
143-ID Scanning Concerns Notes
142-OSINT Extravaganza and Book Release! Notes
141-Jack Rhysider from Darknet Diaries Notes
140-Pretend with Javier Leiva Notes
139-Birth Tourism & Whois Archives Notes
138-Online Data Removal Updates Notes
137-DMV Data, CFAA News, & More ProtonMail Drama Notes
136-New OSINT Book, Credit Opt-Outs, & Browser Data Notes
135-Vehicle Purchase Privacy Issues Notes
134-Extreme Privacy & Publishing Notes
133-Payment Declines, Equifax Settlement, & Capital One Breach Notes
132-Is Your Employer Spying On You? Notes
131-Is Your Personal Website Private & Secure? Notes
130-This Week In Privacy Notes
129-Privacy vs. Your Neighborhood Notes
128-PSA: Don't Respond to Feedback Requests Notes
127-Back to Privacy Notes
126-A Bad Week for OSINT, Great for Privacy Notes
125-What Happened? Notes
124-Does DNS Matter? Notes
123-Researching & Acquiring Data Breaches & Leaks Notes
122-Listener Questions Notes
121-This Week in Privacy & OSINT Notes
120-Private Purchase Failures Notes
119-How to Find Hidden Recording Devices Notes
118-How Neighborhood Watch Watches You Notes
117-This Week In Privacy Notes
116-OSINT Basics & Careers Notes
115-Back to Basics: The Costs of Privacy Notes
114-Fallout from the Previous Show Notes
113-The Creepy things Apple Knows About You (and Me) Notes
112-Privacy Lessons from the Road Notes
111-Back to Basics: Phones & MySudo Notes
110-Testing Your Online Security Notes
109-Privacy News & Buscador 2.0 Release Notes
108-Our TV's, Doorbells, & Private Messengers Are Spying On Us Notes
107-Listener Questions Notes
106-Blur Breach, Fake Porn, & Domain Histories Notes
105-Advanced Disinformation & Telephone Archives Notes
104-Australia vs. Privacy Notes
103-Intermediate Disinformation, Reputation Mgmt, & Usenet Archives Notes
102-A Bad Week for Hotels and Their Customers Notes
101-Basic Disinformation & Covert OSINT Accounts Notes
100-Alex Goldman, Frank Ahearn, & Justin Seitz Notes
099-Some Show Housekeeping Notes
098-Sextortion, Data Breaches, and Anonymous Browsing Notes
097-A Discussion on Cloud Storage with SpiderOak Notes
096-Lessons Learned From My Latest Doxxing Attack Notes
095-Better Email with Fastmail Notes
094-Bruce Schneier Notes
093-Social Engineering Revisited with Chris Hadnagy Notes
092-Call-In Show Notes
091-Privacy vs. OSINT with Justin Seitz Notes
090-Privacy vs. Online Dating Notes
089-More Privacy Problems Notes
088-No, I did not quit the podcast... Notes
087-Staying Private/Secure at Blackhat/Defcon Notes
086-This Week In Privacy Notes
085-This Week In Privacy Notes
084-This Week In Privacy Notes
083-This Week In Privacy Notes
082-When Privacy Enthusiasts Die Notes
081-Nomad Update Notes
080-This Week In Privacy Notes
079-Revisit Your Threat Model Notes
078-OnlyKey by CryptoTrust Notes
077-This Week In Privacy Questions Notes
076-Huge MySudo Updates from Steve Shillingford Notes
075-A Conversation with the EFF Notes
074-The Consequences of Leaving Facebook Notes
073-This Week In Privacy Notes
072-Switching to Linux-Part 4: Hurdles Notes
071-An Inside Look at People Search Sites Notes
070-Switching to Linux-Part 3: Applications Notes
069-Nextcloud Notes
068-Switching to Linux-Part 2: OS Choices Notes
067-Sudden Wealth, What If You Won The Lottery? Notes
066-Switching to Linux-Part 1: Hardware Notes
065-Staying Safe with Mike Seeklander Notes
064-Trusts Update & Employment Privacy Notes
063-Brave Browser Notes
062-Keeping Your Data Private with Standard Notes Notes
061-Land Trusts Made Simple with Randy Hughes Notes
060-Hardware Privacy and Security with System76 Notes
059-Michael returns to tackle listener questions Notes
058-New To Privacy? Start Here Notes
057-Financial Privacy & Security Notes
056-De-Google Your Life Notes
055-Privacy Nomads with Jesse & Cameron, Part II Notes
054-This Week In Privacy Notes
053-Back to Basics: Usernames, Passwords, and Password Managers Notes
052-Protecting Your Kids' Privacy Notes
051-Protect Your Address with Snail Mail Control Notes
050-Fiftieth Privacy Round Table Notes
049-Why Every Home Needs a Proper Firewall Notes
048-Privacy Nomads with Jesse and Cameron Notes
047-Virtual Currencies with Joey King Notes
046-All of Our Hardware Is Vulnerable, Let's Fix It Notes
045-Windows: Part II Notes
044-The Equifax Debacle Notes
043-Windows: Part I Notes
042-A Conversation with KeepassXC Notes
041-Just 30 More Things... Notes
040-A Conversation with The Tor Project Notes
039-What Cell Companies Know About Us Notes
038-Balancing Privacy and Sanity Notes
037-The Forensic Evidence on Our Phones Notes
036-Andy Yen is back to discuss ProtonVPN Notes
035-Wire CEO Alan Duric Notes
034-Our Sudo Strategies Notes
033-Anonymous Purchase Strategies Notes
032-Catching up from Manila Notes
031-Just 30 Quick Things... Notes
030-Faking Your Death with Elizabeth Greenwood Notes
029-Android Security with Custom Roms Notes
028-Faraday Bags Notes
027-Social Engineering with Chris Hadnagy Notes
026-How a Cop Hides from the Internet Notes
025-Custom Linux Builds for Privacy & Security Notes
024-A Normal Guy Goes All-In Notes
023-Michael Buys a New iPhone Notes
022-Special Edition: The CIA Leaks Notes
021-The Phone Debate: Android vs iOS Notes
020-Using YubiKeys for Enhanced Security Notes
019-PIA is here to discuss VPNs Notes
018-Listener Questions Part III Notes
017-Andy Yen of ProtonMail Notes
016-Catching Up from SLC Notes CEO Bo Jiang Notes
014-JJ Luna Notes
013-Blur CTO Andrew Sudbury Notes
012-Listener Questions Part II Notes
011-Nine New Lives with Sudo CEO Steve Shillingford Notes
010-Listener Questions Part I Notes
009-That One Privacy Guy Notes
008-Backup Strategies Notes
007-Email Strategies Notes
006-The Cost of Privacy Notes
005-OSINT Strategies for Privacy Notes
004-Setting Up Your Mac Notes
003-All Aboard the Privacy Train Notes
002-Updates to the book (Part 2) Notes
001-Updates to the book (Part 1) Notes

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