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This podcast will explain how to become digitally invisible. You will make all of your communications private, data encrypted, internet connections anonymous, computers hardened, identity guarded, purchases secret, accounts secured, devices locked, and home address hidden. You will remove all personal information from public view and will reclaim your right to privacy. You will no longer give away your intimate details and you will take yourself out of ‘the system’. You will use covert aliases and misinformation to eliminate current and future threats toward your privacy & security. When taken to the extreme, you will be impossible to compromise.


068-Switching to Linux-Part 2: OS Choices Episode 068 Show Notes
067-Sudden Wealth, What If You Won The Lottery? Episode 067 Show Notes
066-Switching to Linux-Part 1: Hardware Episode 066 Show Notes
065-Staying Safe with Mike Seeklander Episode 065 Show Notes
064-Trusts Update & Employment Privacy Episode 064 Show Notes
063-Brave Browser Episode 063 Show Notes
062-Keeping Your Data Private with Standard Notes Episode 062 Show Notes
061-Land Trusts Made Simple with Randy Hughes Episode 061 Show Notes
060-Hardware Privacy and Security with System76 Episode 060 Show Notes
059-Michael returns to tackle listener questions Episode 059 Show Notes
058-New To Privacy? Start Here Episode 058 Show Notes
057-Financial Privacy & Security Episode 057 Show Notes
056-De-Google Your Life Episode 056 Show Notes
055-Privacy Nomads with Jesse & Cameron, Part II Episode 055 Show Notes
054-Back to Basics: Wi-Fi Security Episode 054 Show Notes
053-Back to Basics: Usernames, Passwords, and Password Managers Episode 053 Show Notes
052-Protecting Your Kids' Privacy Episode 052 Show Notes
051-Protect Your Address with Snail Mail Control Episode 051 Show Notes
050-Fiftieth Episode Privacy Round Table Episode 050 Show Notes
049-Why Every Home Needs a Proper Firewall Episode 049 Show Notes
048-Privacy Nomads with Jesse and Cameron Episode 048 Show Notes
047-Virtual Currencies with Joey King Episode 047 Show Notes
046-All of Our Hardware Is Vulnerable, Let's Fix It Episode 046 Show Notes
045-Windows: Part II Episode 045 Show Notes
044-The Equifax Debacle Episode 044 Show Notes
043-Windows: Part I Episode 043 Show Notes
042-A Conversation with KeepassXC Episode 042 Show Notes
041-Just 30 More Things... Episode 041 Show Notes
040-A Conversation with The Tor Project Episode 040 Show Notes
039-What Cell Companies Know About Us Episode 039 Show Notes
038-Balancing Privacy and Sanity Episode 038 Show Notes
037-The Forensic Evidence on Our Phones Episode 037 Show Notes
036-Andy Yen is back to discuss ProtonVPN Episode 036 Show Notes
035-Wire CEO Alan Duric Episode 035 Show Notes
034-Our Sudo Strategies Episode 034 Show Notes
033-Anonymous Purchase Strategies Episode 033 Show Notes
032-Catching up from Manila Episode 032 Show Notes
031-Just 30 Quick Things... Episode 031 Show Notes
030-Faking Your Death with Elizabeth Greenwood Episode 030 Show Notes
029-Android Security with Custom Roms Episode 029 Show Notes
028-Faraday Bags Episode 028 Show Notes
027-Social Engineering with Chris Hadnagy Episode 027 Show Notes
026-How a Cop Hides from the Internet Episode 026 Show Notes
025-Custom Linux Builds for Privacy & Security Episode 025 Show Notes
024-A Normal Guy Goes All-In Episode 024 Show Notes
023-Michael Buys a New iPhone Episode 023 Show Notes
022-Special Edition: The CIA Leaks Episode 022 Show Notes
021-The Phone Debate: Android vs iOS Episode 021 Show Notes
020-Using YubiKeys for Enhanced Security Episode 020 Show Notes
019-PIA is here to discuss VPNs Episode 019 Show Notes
018-Listener Questions Part III Episode 018 Show Notes
017-Andy Yen of ProtonMail Episode 017 Show Notes
016-Catching Up from SLC Episode 016 Show Notes CEO Bo Jiang Episode 015 Show Notes
014-JJ Luna Episode 014 Show Notes
013-Blur CTO Andrew Sudbury Episode 013 Show Notes
012-Listener Questions Part II Episode 012 Show Notes
011-Nine New Lives with Sudo CEO Steve Shillingford Episode 011 Show Notes
010-Listener Questions Part I Episode 010 Show Notes
009-That One Privacy Guy Episode 009 Show Notes
008-Backup Strategies Episode 008 Show Notes
007-Email Strategies Episode 007 Show Notes
006-The Cost of Privacy Episode 006 Show Notes
005-OSINT Strategies for Privacy Episode 005 Show Notes
004-Setting Up Your Mac Episode 004 Show Notes
003-All Aboard the Privacy Train Episode 003 Show Notes
002-Updates to the book (Part 2) Episode 002 Show Notes
001-Updates to the book (Part 1) Episode 001 Show Notes

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