Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is quite simple. We collect no information about our visitors and share no details with any third party. We do not use any type of web trackers or analytics, and we encourage you to verify this with a browser script blocker. Our main pages are coded in simple HTML. Our blog is a self-hosted WordPress installation, with all tracking code removed. There are no tracking cookies or any invasive files copied to your computer without your consent. We have no options that allow you to "like" or "tweet about" us on social networks. We never disclose any provided contact information obtained or stored to any entity. We do not see, collect, or store the information you search within the book's search tools. We truly respect your privacy.

We currently maintain a few affiliate partnerships, including Amazon, ProtonMail, and others. If you purchase items from these services through links in this website, the companies know that you were directed by us. We cannot see any personal information and we do not know your name or address. We receive absolutely no information about you or your order.

Podcast: We currently host the podcast on Soundcloud. While we collect no analytic data from our internal pages, Soundcloud collects some basic data if you listen through their website, such as country and type of device. We cannot see any detailed information about you such as your name, city, IP address, etc.

Disclosure Summary: We have never provided any customer, member, or visitor information to any entity. We will never share or sell any information to any third-party company. We have not received any court orders for any data. In 2021, our office received an email request for member search logs from a government agency. No details could be provided as we maintain no visitor usage logs, aside from temporary mandated page access statistics stored by our web host, which is flushed every 24 hours. As this was not an official U.S. court order, we did not respond.


Our podcast, The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show, presents ideas to help you become digitally invisible, stay secure from cyber threats, and make you a better online investigator. All book updates will be presented on the show. Click HERE to listen or subscribe.