Cyber Keynote Links

Below are some of the the links to free resources that I discuss during my Cyber Keynotes. All resources will open inside of a new tab in your browser. If you would like to schedule a presentation, contact us.

Bitwarden (Secure cloud-based password manager)
KeePassXC (Secure computer-based password manager)
VPN Recomendations (Protect your home and travel internet connection)
Privacy Checklist (Checklist presented at Cyber events)
Have I Been Pwned? (Search any email addresses to discover reported breaches)
Shodan (Discover various online devices such as cameras, thermostats, and printers)
Credit Freeze Tutorial (Full Workbook)
Annual Credit Report (Free credit report to detect fraud)

Privacy & Security Products

The following contains my suggested items as privacy-related gifts for others (or yourself). Please note that while some of these are affiliate links, I use (and gift) the following products constantly.

Extreme Privacy: Shameless self-promotion. This 565-page textbook is PROACTIVE. It is about starting over. It is the complete guide that I would give to any new client in an extreme situation. It leaves nothing out and provides explicit details of every step I take to make someone completely disappear, including document templates and a chronological order of events. The information shared in this book is based on real experiences with my actual clients, and is unlike any content ever released in my other books.

VPN: A reputable VPN is probably the most important item on this list. You should choose the best option for YOUR needs. To learn why we recommend ProtonVPN for most uses and PIA for pfSense firewalls, please go here:

Protectli pfSense Firewall: This device allows installation of the free pfSense firewall software as explained in my videos, book, and podcast. When configured, it provides a network-wide VPN and protection to all connected devices. Installation details and config files can be found at
Silent Pocket Faraday Bag: Signal-blocking bags are not all created equal. I have tested many that did not work at all. The Silent Pocket is a premium option that has worked 100% of the time for me. It also has a magnetic enclosure to prevent those embarrassing velcro releases that get attention from anyone nearby. I prefer THIS MODEL.
Yubikey: I always prefer a hardware-based two-factor authentication (2FA) option over a text message or software token. These tiny devices require participating services to verify that the USB device is present before access to the online account can be granted. My email and financial services all require my Yubikey be pressed before I can log into my accounts. You can also use these for GMail, KeePassXC, and many other options. 

Onlykey: If the Yubikey is not enough for you, consider the Onlykey. It replicates the basic functions of the Yubikey, but adds additional memory slots for lengthy passwords and an internal password manager. Onlykey maintains a great FAQ here:

Microphone Lock: This $6 gadget (or $20 5-pack) can be fun, quirky, and unique. It also provides a legitimate value to privacy enthusiasts. It enables the external microphone option on a phone or computer, and then blocks it. If you encounter any malicious software that attempts to listen to you through your microphone, this device prohibits the action.
Slate Portable Router: This device can serve as a Wi-Fi access point to a pfSense firewall (above) or a portable router with VPN connectivity at all times. These are great for smaller homes or hotel rooms.
Paper & Card Shredder: This is the most affordable shredder I have found which cuts pieces into security level P-4 sizes (5/32" by 15/32"). It also shreds credit cards into the same size.
Programmable Timer: Every home should have a programmable timer in use when away. This device can be programmed to turn on and off a lamp at various times throughout the week. I use the secondary plug to control an AM radio set to a talk station in order to confuse would-be burglars who may be scouting my home.

Buscador VM

PLEASE NOTE! Buscador has not been updated since January 2019. We HIGHLY recommend transitioning to the DIY Custom OSINT Virtual Machine explained in the Open Source Intelligence Techniques book (7th edition). Buscador is no longer updated or maintained.

Buscador is a Linux Virtual Machine that is pre-configured for online investigators. It was developed by David Westcott and Michael Bazzell, and distributions are maintained on this page:


Free Workbook

This digital document (PDF) contains my entire collection of personal online data removal links from all of my books. It is updated often as sites change. If you are looking for the most recent list of online information removal resources, this is it.


Weekly Podcast

My weekly podcast presents ideas to help you become digitally invisible, stay secure from cyber threats, and make you a better online investigator. Click HERE to listen or subscribe.