The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show – Episode 108

EPISODE 108: Our TV's, Doorbells, & Private Messengers Are Spying On Us

This week I discuss the latest smart-home threats and Justin Seitz joins me to talk about how you may be exposing your IP address on instant messengers.




Smart TV Woes:

Ring Doorbell Issues:

Home Assistance Devices Privacy:

GoDaddy Injecting Data Into Websites:

OSINT:  How To Blow Your Online Cover With URL Previews:

Justin Seitz:

How To Blow Your Online Cover With URL Previews:<


Q: What are the risks of using a dedicated Sudo number for 2FA?
Q: I have a security clearance, and I'm about to have my 10 year re-investigation and am wondering how not having had a physical address other then a Texas PMB service the last 5 years might give me trouble.

Data Removal Workbook:

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