Online Video Training

We have replicated our entire live training curriculum and made it available within over 70 hours of pre-recorded online video training. Click below to watch a demo video and the browse the course content.

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Live Training Courses

We offer two unique live courses which are presented by various instructors, all of which were personally trained by Michael Bazzell. The Open Source Intelligence Techniques (OSINT) training is a 3-day class which presents all of the latest advanced methods of locating online information. The optional Privacy & Security Crash Course is a 1-day add-on focused on protecting your digital information and reclaiming your right to true privacy. Details of both are available by contacting us.

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Cyber Keynotes

Our presenters have delivered over 500 live keynotes over the past decade for companies of all sizes. We present a unique perspective on cybercrime from our government careers. Our sessions involve actual live demonstrations in real-time instead of constant PowerPoint. In 2021, we revamped the entire arsenal of topics, which can be found below.

Battling Cyber-Crime in 2021

This session focuses on recent trends of online fraud, computer intrusion, and ways that suspects steal valuable data from your company. The presentation includes the details of how hackers commit their crimes and what every employee must do to protect company assets. The audience will learn immediately how password hacking, email phishing, telephone attacks, social engineering, and online devices are an emerging threat against every business. Live examples of 'hacking' into information will surprise the audience, while detailed solutions will be displayed on how to stop the threats. Your employees will easily modify a few key online habits that will help protect your organization from the next ransomware attack.

Securing Your Digital Life

This session focuses on the numerous ways that suspects steal your personal information and explains how they benefit from the data obtained. The presentation includes live demonstrations of how you and your family are likely to be attacked and the easy steps that anyone can take to prevent becoming a victim. The audience will learn immediately how to properly create and store passwords, generate proper online security questions, secure their home computers from online threats, and apply better overall defensive behavior in regards to technology in the home. Attendees will learn how most hackers can access personal online accounts with only one attempt. More importantly, they will learn how to stop the intrusion.

Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack

Have you been targeted by ransomware criminals? If so, there is much more to the attack than demands for payment. We explain everything, including initial infection, identification of the virus variant, free public remedies, damage to your network, public exposure of data, customer infiltration, imposter demands, negotiations with the criminals, ransom payments, virtual currencies, data backups, server rebuilding, employee training, notification requirements, data retrieval, repeat infections, and overall damage to your reputation. This session is designed as a high-level review for executives and managers.

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Virtual Remote Sessions

We understand that live events are not always appropriate. We can replicate any of the training topics here for your live virtual event or pre-recorded video stream.

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