The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show – Episode 107

EPISODE 107: Listener Questions

This week I attempt to answer the most common questions sent from listeners over the past month.



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Should I use a land trust or living rust?
Do you have a template?
Should I buy the land trust training or the book?
How do I find an attorney for this?

NOLO Trust Book:

2017 version:
2019 version:

I am seeing more stores require a fingerprint in order to use a credit card. What do you do in these situations?

I bought my car in cash, Title is in my name. If I transfer title into a trust, as you mentioned on the show, the VIN historical record will still lead to me. Should I just wait until I get a different car?

What do you provide for your address on your credit report? Are you specially updating it to your alternate physical address?

I have found that all financial institutions require that you have a physical address and cannot use a PO Box for the address. I have a PO Box that I signed up for with USPS however as part of their requirements, I cannot use the physical street address for financial purposes. So my question is, how can I prevent my physical address from being used by these financial institutions.

I recently purchased a new car from a local dealer, financing it through the manufacturer. Using the car’s GPS technology, does either the dealer or the finance company or the corporate manufacturer have the ability to track the location of my vehicle?

I searched my name on various people search sites. Some had it, some didn't. As these are the top 10, should we opt out of these with information we assume they have?
Should we opt-out with information we know they have? Can we assume the top 10 definitely have our information?

For those of us whose jobs require us to have a photo on a website, and where that photo has been used previously in press releases, etc, what are the best strategies for (a) choosing a new photo that has the least chance of being used in image recognition or for other unhelpful purposes; (b) asking news sites etc to remove your picture in prior stories, etc; and (c) getting the photos off Google Images?

What do you do with deleted/deactivated account information? Keep it in your password manager? Dump them onto some like an archive spreadsheet. I've got alot of accounts in my password manager and get overwhelmed trying to figure out what to clean out.

Airplane mode disables the cellular modem preventing cell tower triangulation. The GPS modem is still receiving location data. Do iPhones log GPS data and send it back when airplane mode is turned off?


What happened to the FB live map? Any alternative options?

I conduct a lot of online investigations and rely on Google, but I worry about how much privacy I lose. Any suggestions?

I use KeepasXC to store all of my covert account logins for my OSINT work. Having two databases is a pain when I need to access my own data. Any harm in combining all of this into one database as long as it never gets stored online?

I use several social network accounts as part of my covert online investigations. I use Google Voice numbers in order to receive 2FA sms messages to log into the accounts. Two questions: a) Is having the Google Voice app on an iPhone reckless? b) If so, what is the best option to get the messages?

How do I get started in a career in OSINT?

Data Removal Workbook:

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