Privacy & Security Services

We possess a very particular set of skills. Skills we have acquired over very long careers helping people disappear. Please browse through the services on this page to get a taste of what we do. Many people simply desire a one-hour call directly with Michael to address a unique scenario or clarify techniques within his books. Others want us on-site to conduct a full privacy reboot. Let us know how we can help.

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Online Exposure Assessment

We all have exposure of sensitive details online. Our passwords, addresses, documents and other sensitive details are in the hands of thousands of criminals. We should understand this exposure and apply strategies to minimize the risk. Our team will scour the open internet and private criminal networks for all exposure which may lead to targeted digital attacks. We focus on the following:

  • Exposed Credentials on Public Websites
  • Exposed Credentials within Criminal Marketplaces
  • Exposed Credentials within Private Breached Databases
  • Data leaked within ransomware exposure
  • Publicly Available PII (DOB, SSN, etc.)
  • Exposed Home Addresses and Contact Information
  • Exposed Family Details

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Ransomware Assistance

Have you been targeted by ransomware criminals? If so, there is much more to the attack than demands for payment. We explain everything, including the following:

  • Initial Infection
  • Identification of Variants
  • Free Remedies
  • Network Damage
  • Public Data Exposure
  • Customer Infiltration
  • Imposter Demands
  • Negotiations with Criminals
  • Ransom Payments
  • Virtual Currency Conversion
  • Data Backups & Server Rebuilding
  • Employee Training
  • Notification Requirements
  • Data Retrieval
  • Repeat Infections
  • Reputation Management

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Online Harassment & Stalking

Every day, we are contacted by someone who is the victim of various levels of online harassment. We mitigate your exposure, lock down your digital life, and remove malicious content.

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Trusts, LLCs, & Asset Protection

We believe all large assets should be titled to a Trust or LLC. Doing this correctly requires a lot of experience. We make sure your homes, vehicles, and any other assets which require government licensing stay out of your name. We can even make sure the legal documents never trace back to you. Trusts obey all laws of your local domicile while LLCs are created within privacy-respecting states. Both work in tandem as a complete privacy strategy for:

  • Titling of Homes
  • Property Tax Records
  • High-Value Assets
  • Probate Avoidance
  • Private Distribution Upon Death
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Vehicles
  • Vehicle Registration

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Temporary Safe Houses

For our clients who face immediate physical danger, we are prepared to offer temporary safe houses. These can be private homes hidden from public records or hotel rooms secured in an alias name. We have protected dozens of clients from their stalkers until long-term plans can be made. We can establish:

  • Short-Term Residency (Hotel):
  • Reservations Under Corporate Alias
  • Check-In Without ID
  • Optional Local Monitoring (Security)

  • Extended-Term Residency (House):
  • Entire House Access
  • Gated Grounds With 24/7 Perimeter Security
  • Security Escorts

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Full Privacy Reboot

Many of our clients want the full treatment, including relocation, alias identities, anonymous payment strategies, complete device replacement, and anything else required to start a new anonymous life. This is a complex task, but we have a lot of experience making people disappear. Contact us to be placed on our wait list.

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Privacy Guide

My latest book on Extreme Privacy is now available. Click HERE for details.

Weekly Podcast

The weekly podcast presents ideas to help you become digitally invisible, stay secure from cyber threats, and make you a better online investigator. All book updates will be presented on the show. Click HERE to listen or subscribe.

Free Workbooks

These digital guides contain my entire collection of personal online data removal links from all of my books and the latest credit freeze tutorials. They are updated often as services change. Choose the PDF or Online versions below.

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