Have you ever wanted to disappear?

Some clients need something defamatory removed from the internet. Others need their entire lives taken offline. Many just want to start over and get away from their past. Although none of us ever consented to the data-mining and content-sharing practices of hundreds of large companies, most of us are vulnerable in some way due to our publicly exposed lives. Whether temporary or permanent, as a response to physical threats or emotional pressures, we can help you disappear. For the most dedicated, we create new digital, online, and real-world identities so that you can get back to living a "normal" life. We specialize in extreme cases of harassment and threats, and we dedicate our business to protecting the privacy and physical security of these victims. Please browse through the services summarized on this page and contact us if you believe we can help.

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Online Exposure Assessment

We all have exposure of sensitive details online. We should understand this exposure and apply strategies to minimize the risk. Our team will scour the open internet and private criminal networks for all exposure which may lead to targeted digital attacks. We focus on the following:

  • Exposed Credentials on Public Websites
  • Exposed Credentials within Criminal Marketplaces
  • Exposed Credentials within Private Breached Databases
  • Publicly Available PII (DOB, SSN, etc.)
  • Exposed Home Addresses and Contact Information
  • Exposed Family Details

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Ghost Addresses

We believe everyone should establish an address which can be publicly used for bills, personal correspondence, and government requirements. We also believe you should have no physical association to this address. A Ghost Address allows you to display a normal existence without jeopardizing the location of your home. We do all of the heavy lifting, including:

  • Establish Physical Address in Remote State
  • Confirm "Permanent Change" of Address with USPS
  • Publicly Associate Address with True Name
  • Establish Mail Collection at Ghost Address
  • Establish Mail Scanning Service
  • Establish Physical Mail Forwarding to Secure Location
  • Continue Public Association to Name
  • Associate Address with Recurring Bills
  • Associate Address with Personal Finances
  • Securely Collect Mail at Ghost Address
  • Scan All Incoming Mail to Secure Email Address
  • Forward Physical Mail to Secure Location

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Foreign Domicile

For those with extreme needs, we can make you a resident of a state which you rarely visit, including a driver's license and vehicle registration displaying your new Ghost Address. Data-mining companies will populate this "bait" within all reports and share it with others. We can then protect your true location. This is not appropriate for everyone, but many clients find it to be the perfect solution to their privacy playbook. We can help you:

  • Establish Ghost Address within Domicile State
  • Satisfy Nomad Residency Affidavit Requirements
  • Surrender Previous Driver's License
  • Establish Foreign Domicile in Remote State
  • Obtain Driver's License from Foreign Domicile
  • Obtain Vehicle Registration from Foreign Domicile
  • Renew Driver's License Remotely (Every 5 Years)
  • Renew Vehicle Registrations Online Annually
  • Attach Ghost Address to Government Services
  • Confirm Ghost Address within Credit Report
  • Make Ghost Address Your Official "Home"

Obtain a Foreign Domicile

New Identities

Telling the Starbucks employee your name is "Bob" is one level of using an alias. We take things further. We establish a new identity which exists within aged social network profiles, email accounts, employment history, communications records, data breaches, and real estate transactions. Your new identity will even pass the scrutiny of online shopping sites as a real person. Some of our services include:

  • New Email Account in Alias Name
  • New Anonymous Phone Number
  • Photo ID in Alias Name
  • Physical Alias Home Address (Apt.)
  • Virtual Debit Card in Alias Name
  • Aged Email Account in Alias Name
  • Email Present Within Data Breaches
  • Name Present Within Data Breaches
  • Phone Number Registered in Alias
  • AMEX Credit Card in Alias Name
  • Employment History in Alias Name
  • Credit History in Alias Name/DOB
  • Rental History in Alias Name/DOB
  • Employment/Personal References
  • Alias in People Search Sites

Obtain a New Identity

Disinformation Campaigns

Removing your personal online information and establishing an alias are great steps toward privacy. However, the battle over new online exposure never ends. Disinformation helps create confusion. We expose enough inaccurate details about you and your location to cause data-mining systems to prioritize the wrong information over any accurate details. We provide:

  • "Verified" Home Address in Another State
  • "Registered" Cell Number & Voicemail
  • Domain Registration with Confirmed Details
  • Personal Contact Site in Another State
  • Personal Blog with Automatic Update Posts
  • Personal Interests Site
  • Twitter Profile with Location Data
  • Facebook Profile with Location Data
  • LinkedIn Profile with Employment History
  • False Breach Data

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Breach Monitoring & Injection

We are all exposed within multiple data breaches. Our passwords and other sensitive details are in the hands of thousands of criminals. We help monitor the threats and manipulate the exposed data in order to make you a much smaller target. Anyone can search their own email address through various breach reporting websites, but we take things much further. We have sources which can inject misinformation before a breach is shared publicly with the world. We can also remove entire records before some data is released. We possess automated systems which can introduce so much inaccurate information to various criminal marketplaces that your true details get buried within all of the noise.

Begin Breach Monitoring & Injection

Trusts, LLCs, & Asset Protection

We believe all large assets should be titled to a Trust or LLC. Doing this correctly requires a lot of experience. We make sure your homes, vehicles, and any other assets which require government licensing stay out of your name. We can even make sure the legal documents never trace back to you. Trusts obey all laws of your local domicile while LLCs are created within privacy-respecting states. Both work in tandem as a complete privacy strategy for:

  • Titling of Homes
  • Property Tax Records
  • High-Value Assets
  • Probate Avoidance
  • Private Distribution Upon Death
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Vehicles
  • Vehicle Registration

Establish Your Trust & LLC

Anonymous Home Purchases

If you want to stay private, you cannot place your home and property taxes in your true name. We leverage aliases and legal instruments to make sure your new home has no association to you or your family. You still own everything, but the world will never know. Your broker will never know your true name and you will not be present during the closing process. We can help you:

  • Establish Broker Under an Alias
  • Begin Search Without Contamination
  • Identify Home Appropriate for Privacy
  • Secure Offer Documents Titled To Trust
  • Establish Anonymous Relationship with Title Company
  • Close on Property Under Trust Name
  • Take Possession of Anonymous Home
  • Establish Utilities Anonymously
  • Confirm Title and Taxes in Trust Name
  • Establish Home Insurance Privately
  • Hire Movers Anonymously
  • Understand All Privacy Protocols for a New Home
  • Establish Anonymous Payment & Shipping Options
  • Create Rapport with Neighbors as an Alias

Purchase and Anonymous Home

Temporary Safe Houses

For our clients who face immediate physical danger, we are prepared to offer temporary safe houses. These can be private homes hidden from public records or hotel rooms secured in an alias name. We have protected dozens of clients from their stalkers until long-term plans can be made. We can establish:

  • Short-Term Residency
  • Reservations Under Corporate Alias
  • Check-In Without ID
  • Optional Local Monitoring (Security)

  • Extended-Term Residency
  • Entire House Access
  • Security Escort
  • Local Monitoring (Security)

Relocate to a Safe House

Dual Residency & Citizenship

On occasion, clients want to leave their home country permanently. This is not as simple as purchasing travel and packing a bag. Long-term foreign residency can be complicated and permanent citizenship can require years of residency. We simplify the process after years of experience. Our residency options allow immediate unlimited stay with minimal expense which leads to citizenship.

Obtain Dual Residency & Citizenship

Full Privacy Reboot

Many of our clients want the full treatment, including relocation, alias identities, anonymous payment strategies, complete device replacement, and anything else required to start a new anonymous life. This is a complex task, but we have a lot of experience making people disappear.

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