Compromised Credential Monitoring

There are many services that will notify you if an email address or company domain has been seen within thousands of stolen credential databases being traded online by criminals. We take this a step further and conduct a full analysis of password recycling within the organization, and can identify additional personal acounts based on password re-use. Unlike other free services, we can display full password details and provide more insight into the breach. We possess tens of thousands of these databases that have been traded online, which often contain full email addresses, passwords, IP addresses, home addresses, telephone numbers, and user names. We can help you identify vulnerable accounts and make sure that your organization is protected from an upcoming attack. We collect new data every day, and make notifications the moment we receive any matches to your organization. We can also assist with online investigations using breach data.

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Online Investigations

We are often contacted in reference to various online investigations. Our partnerships with the world's leading investigators can help you find the information vital to your situation. Some of our specialties include:

Complete Background Checks
Civil Litigation Cases
Criminal Prosecution Cases
Fraud Investigations
Financial Investigations

Our investigators are well-versed in all of IntelTechniques OSINT methods, and are ready to locate details that you will never find when only using search engines and social networks.

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Personal Consultation-Become Invisible

If you have a more serious issue that needs a remote or in-person meeting, Michael Bazzell is available on a case-by-case basis. Many past clients have hired Michael to remedy the following situations.

Full Digital Concierge Services
Compromised device replacement and analysis
Immediate relocation to a safe house
Immediate threat of personal harm (Security team) 
Extreme stalking/harassment
Complete privacy/security reboot due to malicious threats 
Alias creation and maintenance
Moving to an "Invisible" home
Setting up "Ghost" addresses
Postal mail collection and forwarding

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This digital document (PDF) contains my entire collection of personal online data removal links from all of my books. It is updated monthly as sites change. If you are looking for the most recent list of online information removal resources, this is it.