Current Titles

Internet Search Guide:

Open Source Intelligence Techniques

Resources for Searching and Analyzing Online Information - 6th Edition

This 460 page textbook will serve as a reference guide for anyone that is responsible for the collection of online content. It is written in a hands-on style that encourages the reader to execute the tutorials while reading. The search techniques offered will inspire researchers to think outside the box when scouring the internet.

Online Privacy Guide:

Hiding from the Internet

Eliminating Personal Online Information - 4th Edition

This book will serve as a reference guide for anyone that values privacy. It includes methods for removing your personal information from the internet, and exposes the resources that broadcast your private details to public view. You will learn the best methods to have your private details removed from various public and private databases.

Which Book Should I Buy?

If you want to FIND online information about people, you want the Open Source Intelligence (Blue) book above. If you want to HIDE your own personal details from the public and reclaim your privacy, you want the Hiding from the Internet (Maroon) book above. If you are looking for the previous advanced textbooks about digital/physical privacy & security from previous classes, they are below.

Suggested Reading

Make Your Own Living Trust:

2019 Edition

This is mandatory reading if you choose to title your property into any type of Trust.
Form Your Own LLC:

2017 Edition

This is mandatory reading if you choose to form your own LLC for asset protection.

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We currently recommend Private Internet Access (PIA) as our VPN of choice. While we are an affiliate of PIA, we also use it every day on all of our devices, and have for several years. If you would like to learn why we use PIA, CLICK HERE.

Privacy Related Gifts

We always keep an updated list of privacy related gifts for those looking to introduce this topic to others (or just buy cool stuff for yourself). From books to security gadgets to faraday bags, we have you covered HERE.