The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show – Episode 109

EPISODE 109: Privacy News & Buscador 2.0 Release

This week I talk about the latest privacy news and David Westcott joins me to announce the official release of the free Buscador OSINT Virtual Machine.



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Chrome Proposes to Eliminate Script Blockers: Ignoring Robots.txt:

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MyLife Removal Update:

"Dumb" Blu Ray Players:
Magnavox 4K blu day player

A.I. is Now Watching Us:

China Crowdsourcing Debt Shaming:

OSINT:  Buscador 2.0 Release:

David Westcott:

Buscador 2.0:


Q: When I was in grade school, my parents signed a release allowing the school to publish my full name, school assignments/awards, and picture on their website. Since then, the websites been archived and cannot be removed. Besides that, the school says they wouldn’t remove it anyway since they have a valid release signed. Now, when I search my true name, pictures of me and the school I went to and my hometown and old friends and such are all readily available. Is this something I should be concerned about? Is there anything that can be done to remove it or bury it under disinformation or something?

Q: I've been using Lastpass for a few years and have recently started looking into non-cloud options like KeePassXC. I just came across a few services, like LessPass, MasterPassword, and, which take contextual data like the site and your login ID along with a master password to calculate passwords for services. Because of this there is no need to store passwords and you can even generate a password directly from the websites by entering the site, login, and your master password. What are your thoughts on something like this?

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