The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show – Episode 122

EPISODE 122-Listener Questions

This week I discuss the Firefox Addons certificate fiasco and tackle numerous listener questions about privacy, security, and OSINT concerns.



Firefox Addons Issues:


You mentioned a network-wide ad blocker last week. Have you tried Pi-Hole? If so, any thoughts?

Did you know that Brew for Mac has Google analytics embedded into it? Does that change your opinion of using it?

if someone went through a complete opt out process and removed everything connected to their home address, then began using a PO/CMRA/PMB for all official mail, would you recommend to resubmit the opt outs for the PMB address?

Purism recently announced their 'Google replacement' concept, Librem One. What are your thoughts?

You talked about some researchers accesing an open mongodb or elastic "database", isn't this illegal under CFAA? One thing is finding them and alerting the company but another thing is actually going through the "files" and downloading the data. Can you please talk about this?

I was wondering if you had any general tips for someone at my age. (18-24). I find that I do not appear on many (if any at all) of the OSINT resources that you have on your site, probably as a result of my age. I have become a legal adult only a few years ago, and I want to take advantage of this fact. How can I PREVENT myself from appearing on any of these databases etc.

Someone I know works in the small loan industry and they scolded me for not having a social media presence, because they take social media into account when approving loans. How likely is this to be a consideration in various sectors like finance in the US?

When traveling abroad, should I take a travel-only phone with me?

I use the Bluetooth feature on my car stereo. Is this a privacy risk?

I understand the use of a VPN to protect one's traffic from that "hacker in a coffeeshop" idea. But why use one at home? If you fear that your ISP is watching your traffic, aren't you just handing that power over to the VPN company now to do the same?

My estate planning attorney checked out titling our home with a Living or Land Trust. Unfortunately, in my county if you title in either way then you have to forfeit the homestead tax credit. This credit is a big portion of figuring the property taxes you owe. If you remove the credit you end up paying a lot more taxes - which I don't have. Is there some other trick or way to still get the homestead tax credit yet have one's primary home be titled in a Living or Land Trust?

As a listener with a family and children, being able to call 911 at home and when in public is a priority. How do you handle that situation with MySudo?


While currently working on developing my OSINT skill set, I often wonder what would be 3 things that any good OSINT investigator should be able to do.

Do you have any preference in virtual currency search options? It seems there are a ton of sites to search wallets and BTC addresses but all have different results.

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