Extreme Privacy: What It Takes to Disappear in America

"My Successes and Failures While Making People Disappear"

For the past five years, Michael Bazzell has been helping celebrities, billionaires, and everyday citizens disappear completely from public view. He is now known in Hollywood as the guy that “fixes” things. His previous books about privacy were mostly REACTIVE and he focused on ways to hide information, clean up an online presence, and sanitize public records to avoid unwanted exposure. This 370-page textbook is PROACTIVE. It is about starting over. It is the complete guide that he would give to any new client in an extreme situation. It leaves nothing out and provides explicit details of every step he takes to make someone completely disappear, including document templates and a chronological order of events. The information shared in this book is based on real experiences with his actual clients, and is unlike any content ever released in his other books. The stories are all true, with the exception of changed names, locations, and minor details in order to protect the privacy of those described.


Introduction to Extreme Privacy: This introduction presents a brief view into the work of making people disappear. Celebrities, billionaires, and everyday citizens have requested complete reboots of their privacy and security. This section sets the stage for the methods which are explained throughout the book.

CHAPTER 01: Ghost Addresses: This chapter introduces the idea of ghost addresses, and explains proper execution from beginning to end. You will be surprised to learn how easy a lifetime ghost address can be to obtain, and you will never need to provide a real home address in the future. Your mail will be automatically forwarded to a safe mail drop without any trail to your home.

CHAPTER 02: Nomad Residency: This chapter explains every detail of the process of becoming a legal nomad within a new domicile state. While this is optional, it will provide a strong layer of privacy throughout the rest of the book. Complete tutorials are presented for multiple states including all required forms and documents.

CHAPTER 03: Private Mobile Devices: All cell phones are tracking devices. This chapter presents complete instructions for the anonymous purchase of a phone and secondary Wi-Fi communications device, execution of anonymous service, proper usage of Faraday bags, configuration of communications software, number porting, and the ability to possess an unlimited amount of phone numbers associated with the device (for free).

CHAPTER 04: Private Digital Life: Privacy cannot exist without digital security. This chapter serves as a crash course in password managers, private communications, secure operating systems, data encryption, travel considerations, and private email usage.

CHAPTER 05: Legal Infrastructure: This is the most revealing chapter of the book. It discloses complete tutorials for creating various types of private trusts and LLCs. It includes sample templates with explanations of each legal document. This level of detail has never been shared in previous books and replicates the entire process of generating legal entities for clients.

CHAPTER 06: Private Vehicles: This chapter presents the need for private vehicle purchases and registration. The details explain each step of the process including state forms and requirements. The example case walks you through an entire purchase and registration of a vehicle without publicly disclosing your personal information.

CHAPTER 07: Private Temporary Housing: This chapter offers new strategies for anonymous lodging in hotels, extended stays, and rental homes.

CHAPTER 08: Private Home Purchase: This lengthy chapter offers a complete tutorial for the purchase of a truly anonymous home. It begins with privacy concerns during home selection and ends with the closing of your new home without ever disclosing your name on any official record. Sample trust templates are provided along with tactics for preventing your name from appearing on any public document. This chapter presents details never shared in previous publications.

CHAPTER 09: Anonymous Utilities, Services, & Payments: Once you have your anonymous home, you will need to prevent your name from being associated with the utilities. This chapter explains numerous strategies, including phone call scripts, for enabling anonymous utility services at your new home.

CHAPTER 10: Private Home Network: Previous books identified the importance of a secure home network behind a firewall with a dedicated bullet-proof VPN. This section continues that discussion with new options for a more secure solution. This includes explicit installation details and configurations, plus updates for encrypted DNS and VPN providers.

CHAPTER 11: Private Employment: There is no such thing as complete privacy in terms of employment in America, but there are several things we can do to minimize our exposure. This chapter presents many ideas to assist with preventing your personal details from being exposed publicly. It attacks both standard employment and self-employment strategies.

CHAPTER 12: Anonymous Pets: Surprisingly, obtaining and maintaining a pet anonymously takes a lot of effort. Paying cash to a home-based puppy breeder is easy, but every pet related encounter past that is extremely invasive. The shelters offering rescued pets are funded by pet marketing companies, veterinarians, and pet supply organizations. Many counties share vaccination records with third parties. In all of these scenarios, your personal information as a pet owner is valuable, and abused. This chapter explains how to prevent personal details from being shared and exposed.

CHAPTER 13: Beyond Extreme: You may believe that the privacy strategies presented this book are a bit too complex for your needs. For some clients, the previous content represents only the basics, and they desire the next level of privacy. This chapter tackles name changes, dual citizenship, and secondary residency options.

CHAPTER 14: Damage Control: If you applied most of the previous privacy strategies toward your life, you should be in good shape, for now. Around every corner is an invasive threat toward your privacy. Data mining companies, marketers, and government entities continue to want your information. It has extreme value in our data-obsessed world. If you want to keep the level of privacy you created, you must put forward effort to maintain it. This chapter presents many considerations for staying private and secure after all of your hard work, including disinformation campaigns, monitoring, personal data removal, online content removal, and credit freezes.

CHAPTER 15: My Successes and Failures: I wish I could tell you this life has been easy. I wish I had a guide for all of this while I was experimenting. I have been forced to test new strategies on myself, and occasionally clients. I have made my share of mistakes, and I have learned valuable lessons from each. This chapter serves as a final tale of my various successes and failures when trying to make people disappear. I hope that these true stories provide insight that will aid the creation of your own privacy strategies and give you a final confidence boost to achieve any level of privacy you desire.

Conclusion: A final note to wrap-up the lessons learned throughout the book.

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