Welcome to a different way to ingest all of your Privacy, Security, and OSINT news and opinion. We created this magazine for several reasons. While there are numerous online portals which discuss these topics, they all require constant engagement if you don't want to miss anything. You also need to navigate through a never-ending pile of trolls, spam, and misinformation. We aim to correct that.

This free magazine in PDF format allows you to digest all of the information on your time in polished written form. Possessing your own PDF copy of each issue allows offline reading without distraction and easy archiving. We want to return to intentional vetted content instead of a race to provide immediate scare tactics and uninformed opinions. Most important, we rely on the community for content. You will never hear from only one voice. Each issue provides commentary from many viewpoints. We are excited to present this new option in a traditional format without any fees to the readers.


This publication cannot exist without our contributors. If you would like to be a part of this project, please consider the following types of contributions.

Articles: Do you have an idea, tutorial, story, or experience you would like to share? We are seeking articles of any length. Please make sure it is non-fiction and related to privacy, security, or OSINT. Articles presented in a professional and unbiased manner will always receive priority. Please submit original content which has not been previously published.

Reviews: Have you thoroughly tested a new product or service? We want to share your experiences. Keep the reviews honest and do not promote your own products.

Reader Questions: Do you have a question or need clarification about a privacy-related topic? Submit it to us for publication consideration. If you have questions, other people are wondering the same thing.

Letters: Do you have something to vent? Let us know.

Updates: Do you have updates to the Data Removal Workbook or other resource on the IntelTechniques website? Let us know. We would like to publish them.

Puzzles: Who doesn't like a good puzzle? Submit your privacy-themed crossword puzzles, word finds, or anything else you create.

Please do not email us asking if you should submit something for publication. Of course you should! Send your final and best submission for consideration. Sending content acknowledges consent to publish your submission.

If you would like to contribute, please send your submission to the following email address. All submissions should be in pure text format (either within the email or attached as a txt file) and any images should be included as attachments. Please do not send Word or PDF files

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This magazine cannot exist as a free publication without our sponsors. If you would like to be a part of this project, please consider the following types of sponsorships.

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Readers: Our readers are educated privacy, security, and OSINT enthusiasts with a craving for professional content. They are tired of getting their news from social networks and endless comment threads. We currently estimate over 50,000 copies of each publication are downloaded within the first thirty days. Archives of all publications will be available for download through our site for a minimum of one year. We anticipate archived copies will exist on the internet forever.

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 2    From The Editor    001  
 3    Email is Broken    001  
 8    An OSINT Backdoor to Utility Searches    001  
 9    I Installed Your Alarm System    001  
 10    Common Law Names and Cover ID    001  
 13    Successes and Failures of a Privacy Enthusiast    001  
 16    OSINT Corner    001  
 17    Intercepting Vehicle Maintenance Videos    001  
 19    New Google Content Removal Options    001  
 20    Leaving Kindle for BOOX    001  
 22    Reader Q&A    001  
 24    SD Card Backup Storage    001  
 24    Podcast Review    001  
 25    Sustainable Signals    001  
 27    Private USA Passport Renewal    001  
 29    Crossword    001  
 30    Final Thoughts    001  
 5    From the Editor    002  
 6    Maintaining Multiple Google Voice Numbers    002  
 9    Bypassing Privacy Invasions of State Parks    002  
 10    Anonymous in Tijuana    002  
 12    The Linux Lifestyle: Switching to Pop!_OS    002  
 17    How Did Amazon's Cameras ID Me?    002  
 20    When 2FA Harms More Than Helps    002  
 21    Choosing the Right Wireless Provider    002  
 24    The OSINT Corner    002  
 26    Eulogy for the iPod Touch    002  
 27    The Home Address Dilemma and Form I-9    002  
 28    Fun With Radio Receivers    002  
 30    Reader Q&A    002  
 33    OSINT Book: Ubuntu Updates    002  
 34    Letters From Readers    002  
 36    Android Sanitization Package Names    002  
 37    My Secret Little Digital World    002  
 39    Wi-Fi Geolocation Concerns    002  
 41    Can Decentralized Identity Give You Greater Control?    002  
 43    Privacy-themed Puzzles    002  
 44    Final Thoughts    002  
 5    From the Editor    003  
 6    To PMB or Not to PMB: Private Mailboxes    003  
 8    Adding Kill Switches to Your Android Phone    003  
 12    The Linux Lifestyle: More Customization and Installation    003  
 20    Retrogaming and Privacy    003  
 22    Maintaining Multiple Signal Accounts    003  
 24    Purging Gmail Data Automatically    003  
 26    Exporting Authy 2FA Seed Codes    003  
 28    Using a De-Googled Pixel    003  
 32    The Radio Receiver: Monitoring Neighborhood Activity    003  
 35    Mitigating Risk of Online Service Failure    003  
 38    A Fresh Look at Standard Notes    003  
 40    The OSINT Corner Learning the Linux Command Line    003  
 43    HP Dev One with Pop!_OS    003  
 46    A FOSS Solution for Receiving Short Code SMS    003  
 48    Options for Your Domain    003  
 51    Apartment Living    003  
 52    Maintaining Privacy in the United Kingdom    003  
 54    The Case for Switching to Qubes OS    003  
 57    Reader Q&A    003  
 59    Book Updates    003  
 60    Letters    003  
 63    An Anonymous Cross-Country Road Trip    003  
 65    Privacy-themed Puzzles    003  
 66    Chuckles    003  
 67    Final Thoughts    003  
 67    Affiliate links    003  
 5    From the Editor    004  
 6    The Linux Lifestyle: USB Multi-Boot Options    004  
 9    Random Mosaic: Detecting Access with Beans & Rice    004  
 12    The Radio Receiver: Software Defined Radios    004  
 17    Bitcoin Privacy Tools & Tactics    004  
 19    Tracking Bitcoin: Tools for OSINT    004  
 22    My Digital Detox    004  
 25    The OSINT Corner Learning the Linux Command Line    004  
 29    Mobile OSINT Mastery: Utilizing iOS Shortcuts    004  
 32    Archive Site Removal Guide    004  
 36    When Stuff Gets Stuck    004  
 39    How Do Blockchains Provide the Trust Foundation    004  
 42    Paranoid Seller's Guide to Secondhand Marketplaces    004  
 44    How (not) to Fly Anonymously    004  
 46    More Android Sanitization    004  
 48    Using a Travel Router for Privacy on Public Wi-Fi    004  
 49    Is Revolut a viable alternative?    004  
 50    Encryption in the Age of Quantum Computing    004  
 52    Reader Q&A    004  
 55    Updates    004  
 56    Letters    004  
 58    Privacy-themed Puzzles    004  
 59    Chuckles    004  
 60    Final Thoughts    004  
 60    Affiliate links    004  
 5    From the Editor    005  
 6    The macOS Ventura Privacy & Security Guide    005  
 12    Wireless Security: Vehicle Remote Entry Attack and Defense    005  
 15    Malware or Mal-Awareness?    005  
 19    Social Links: Revolutionary AI-Driven OSINT solutions    005  
 20    An OSINT Practitioner’s Perspective on Privacy    005  
 23    Hardening Measures for Multi- Factor Authentications    005  
 25    Google Analytics    005  
 28    The OSINT Corner    005  
 32    Pet Intelligence    005  
 34    10 Minutes of Google Dorking for COVID Documents    005  
 37    Supermarket Loyalty Card Privacy Strategy    005  
 38    Changing Your IMEI for Cellular Anonymity    005  
 40    Sign out of Apple    005  
 42    Reader Q&A    005  
 44    Updates    005  
 45    Letters    005  
 46    Verifiable Credentials: Decentralized Identity    005  
 49    Privacy-themed Puzzles    005  
 50    Final Thoughts    005  
 50    Affiliate links    005  

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