The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show – Episode 244

EPISODE 244-2021 Show Review & Updates

This week I revisit all show topics from 2021 and offer updates.

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A Modern Dating Horror Story


Last show of 2021


200-Stalking, Doxing, and Online Harassment
201-New OSINT Online Investigation Techniques
203-Lessons in Redundancy
204-Radio Frequency Monitoring
205-Five Shows In One
206-Website Analytics Concerns & Solutions
207-VPN Routers Revisited
208-Amazon Privacy & VOIP Updates
209-New OSINT Tactics
210-Lessons in Online Purchases & Domain Expiration
211-Privacy Security & OSINT Potpourri
212-Vital Privacy, Security, & OSINT Updates
213-Hashes 101
214-Offense/Defense: The Capitol Siege
215-When OSINT Is Abused
216-The Consequences of Extreme Privacy
217-Extreme Privacy 3 & New VOIP Strategies
218-Rebate Tracking (Privacy & OSINT)
219-Tracking (Or Getting Tracked) with AirTags
220-Privacy, Security, & OSINT Potluck
221-Anonymous Mobile Devices
222-Spoiler: We all die
223-Secure Messaging Woes (and Solutions)
224-Employment Privacy & Security
225-Lessons Learned This Week
226-Personal Ransomware Exposure
227-Eleven Topics
228-New Privacy & OSINT Strategies
229-Special: Apple neuralMatch
230-Personal Data Removal Revisited
231-This Week In Privacy, Security, & OSINT
232-Anonymous Phone Update Part I
233-Anonymous Phone Update Parts II & III
234-Privacy, Security, & OSINT Updates
235-iOS 15 Privacy Guide
236-Three Topics in 14 Minutes
237-The Huge OSINT Show
238-Tying Up Loose Ends
239-Health Portals, Vulnerability Reports, and Voice Cloning
240-Privacy, Security, & OSINT Updates
241-Listener Questions
242-Privacy News & Updates
243-Emergency Bags

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