Recommended VPN Services

There has been much debate lately about which VPN service is the "best" to use. We believe there is no single perfect VPN, but we recommend two products for two different types of users. Both provide 100% open-source apps.


There are many VPN's to choose from, and I am often asked why I still recomend PIA for some uses, especially after their merger with Kape Technologies. Here are my reasons:

1) COST: PIA is still under $40 a year with access on up to TEN devices. This is much lower than other reputable VPNs. While cost should never be a deciding factor when it comes to privacy and security, the low price helps me convince others to use a VPN at all times.

2) PFSENSE APPLICATION: I believe every home should have a pfSense firewall protecting the entire network. When testing VPNs for a kill-switch constant connection, PIA servers held up better than the others. PIA also randomizes servers for a specific area, which prevents a single IP address from being used every time.

You can order PIA at the best price using the link to the right. Before you purchase, consider ProtonVPN...


In 2019, I started relying more on ProtonVPN instead of PIA. This is may be due to unnecessary paranoia, but ProtonVPN offers features that PIA cannot offer.

1) LOCATION: ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland. They are not exposed to government invasions available to 5-eyes, 9-eyes, and 14-eyes countries. (PIA is a US company).

2) EXTRA SECURITY: ProtonVPN offers secure-core and Tor nodes for extra protection.

3) REPUTATION: ProtonVPN is the same team which provides ProtonMail. They are very respected in the privacy and security community with no ties to marketing companies or private umbrella companies. They appear a bit more transparent than PIA.

You can order ProtonVPN at the best price using the link to the right.

AFFILIATE DETAILS: Most VPN companies offer some type of affiliate program, and PIA and ProtonVPN are not unique. It is irresponsible to not disclose that I get a few bucks if you purchase service through one of my links. Neither PIA nor ProtonVPN share any purchase details or information about you to me.

BOTTOM LINE: No VPN is 100% bulletproof. Both of these services work in a pfSense firewall, as explained in my book Extreme Privacy, but PIA is more flexible. I believe ProtonVPN is the most reputable VPN for privacy purists, but I respect there are still scenarios where PIA makes sense.

Suggested VPNs

We currently recommend either Private Internet Access (PIA) or ProtonVPN as the best VPNs for most people. We use both for various situations. To order service with the best discounts available, please use the following links.

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