OSINT Leaks, Breaches, & Logs Guide

Today, we released our next digital PDF guide, which is our first for the OSINT Techniques series. Our eBook dedicated to Leaks, Breach, & Logs can now be found at https://inteltechniques.com/book1a.html. Below are the details.

9 chapters | 55,000 words | 162 pages | 8.5" x 11". This digital (PDF) supplement to OSINT Techniques, 10th Edition continues a new approach to our tutorials. It is not a replacement for the printed book, but a much more thorough guide about Leaks, Breaches, & Logs. It provides our entire playbook which we use to locate, acquire, clean, store, and query various online data collections valuable to our investigations. We also explain all daily, weekly, and monthly tasks required to maintain your data collection. All updates are free and delivered digitally.

If you have the 10th edition of OSINT Techniques, you may want to know what is provided in this new Leaks, Breaches, & Logs Digital Edition. Overall, it is a completely rewritten eBook which allowed us to expand on all content related to data collection. All expired and outdated methods were replaced with new techniques, and brand-new topics were introduced throughout. As we explain various Terminal commands, we present practical exercises with real data to make sure you have grasped the concepts. By the time you begin collecting your own data, you will be proficient in the commands required to make the content easily searchable. By the end of the guide, you will be able to fully replicate the databases behind many paid services without spending any money. Combined with the new automated scripts provided on our website, you will be ready to acquire, sort, and query all publicly-available breach data.
CHAPTER 01: Investigative Benefits
CHAPTER 02: Hardware Configuration
CHAPTER 03: Software Configuration
CHAPTER 04: Terminal Commands
CHAPTER 05: Data Leaks
CHAPTER 06: Data Breaches
CHAPTER 07: Stealer Logs
CHAPTER 08: Ransomware
CHAPTER 09: Scripts, Databases, & Backups