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A Technical Guide

There is no shortage of books about becoming a self-published author. Most titles try to motivate you to write your novel, focus on marketing strategies, and explore the occasional self-made millionaire success story. This is not that type of book. This is a technical manual. It includes all of the details the author wishes he would have known before starting his self-publishing journey throughout twenty books. The technical formalities of creating your own book are missing from the other titles in this space, and likely the reason many people never see their work make it to publication. This book removes the mysteries surrounding hardware configuration, software requirements, document formatting, book content, print publishing, E-book publishing, audiobook publishing, podcast publishing, book piracy, marketing, promotion, affiliate programs, income monitoring, tax reporting, and every other consideration important for your own publication process. This book lays out all of the author's experiences and how he chooses from the platforms available for distribution. Simply stated, this book is about this book. It provides a unique experience which allows you to make it through the nuances of self-publishing.


CHAPTER 01: Preparation: This chapter walks the reader through several software and hardware configurations required to begin their self-publication journey.

CHAPTER 02: Print Formatting: This chapter explains the process of preparing your interior content layout document, including tutorials for trim sizes, spacing, fonts, headers, footers, and all other formalities.

CHAPTER 03: Book Content: This chapter helps with all of the decisions about your content including writing, edits, reviews, and important considerations about your final PDF export.

CHAPTER 04: Covers: Your book will be judged by its cover. This chapter tackles cover design and proper press-ready export.

CHAPTER 05: Print Publishing: This may be the most important chapter of the book. Your self-published submission strategies determine the global availability and royalties. Let's execute perfectly.

CHAPTER 06: E-book Publishing: Publishing an E-book requires more effort than simply uploading your final document. This chapter explains all of the nuances often ignored in order to create a better E-book.

CHAPTER 07: Audiobook Publishing: Audiobook listeners are growing. This chapter simplifies the entire audiobook creation process, which can otherwise be overwhelming.

CHAPTER 08: Book Piracy: People will steal your book. This chapter outlines ways to monitor, prevent, and remove violations of your work.

CHAPTER 09: Marketing, Promotion, & Affiliates: If no one knows about your book, you will not sell any copies. This chapter tackles the marketing side of self-publishing and explains how to embrace affiliates.

CHAPTER 10: Podcast Publishing: One of the best ways to promote your book is through a podcast. This chapter explains the entire process.

CHAPTER 11: Income & Taxes: You should monitor your book income and prepare for tax reporting now. This chapter offers several considerations to make it all easier.

Conclusion: A final note to wrap-up the lessons learned throughout the book.

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This book was released in September 2020. There are currently no plans for any future editions.

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