Extreme Privacy: Linux Devices

Today, we published our third digital guide in the Extreme Privacy series. This time, it is all about Linux. 10 chapters | 38,000 words | 98 pages. This digital (PDF) supplement to Extreme Privacy continues a new approach to our tutorials. It is not a replacement for the printed book, but a much more thorough guide about Linux devices. It provides our entire playbook which we use for our clients when we need to acquire new hardware; configure operating system settings; execute proper DNS filtering; install applications securely; configure browsers and VPNs; establish VoIP connectivity; create virtual machines; and generate custom scripts for daily usage. We also explain all maintenance and best practices for a new private and secure Linux device. All updates are free and delivered digitally. Purchase includes custom Linux scripts. More details can be found at https://inteltechniques.com/book7c.html.