Infected PDF Copies of Extreme Privacy Have Arrived

That didn't take long. Today, I received the following email:

"I just downloaded your latest book and now my computer says it is infected! What the F(redacted) man? I thought you were tryin to help people?"

First, I don't offer eBooks. Second, complaining to authors after downloading illegal copies of books is a bit ironic. I was curious, so I responded. The person sent me a file via Tresorit titled "Extreme.Privacy.3.PDF". Virus Total immediately identified it as infected:

The PDF did not contain any content from the book. It was hosted on a well-known eBook piracy website and was just a ruse to convince someone to download a copy in order to infect a machine. His computer was not infected from it, as his A/V caught it and quarantined it. This was a fairly amateur attempt. I suspect soon we will see more targeted infection campaigns with more successful documents. Be careful out there.