Reissued Digital PDF Editions

Posted by Michael Bazzell

We have released official digital PDF versions of OSINT Techniques, 10th Edition (2023) and Extreme Privacy, 4th Edition (2022).

Originally, we only released paperback and hardcover versions of our large textbooks. In 2023, we began a shift and decided to stop releasing print versions of our books. We did not like the exclusivity agreements required by Amazon and their overall monopoly of the self-publishing market. We have always been bothered that an Amazon account was required to purchase books about OSINT and privacy (the irony). We also saw their print quality decline drastically. In February of 2023, we released our first digital PDF guide about mobile devices as part of the Extreme Privacy series. We later released guides about macOS devices, Linux devices, and Firewalls. These were all successful, and each of those include free updates whenever needed.

With this release, we are finally providing official digital PDF versions which are an exact replica of the print books. They are designed for those who prefer a digital experience and want the ability to easily copy text or print a specific page. We respect that a digital version is much easier to access at all times than a 500+ page book, and the full-color screen captures appear nicer than those in the monochrome prints (and pirated versions).

There will be no digital updates to these versions, as we want to preserve the content as originally published. These books offer a very specific glimpse of OSINT and privacy at the time of publication. Even though a few techniques mentioned within them are no longer 100% accurate, we believe that a lot can be learned from the tutorials presented. The OSINT Techniques PDF includes access to the IntelTechniques book portal which offers updated tools and VM commands.

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