Bitcoin Purchases

We currently offer book sales and video training memberships funded with Bitcoin. Please read through this entire page before contacting us.

If purchasing the VIDEO TRAINING with Bitcoin, please contact us at the following address for full details:


If you would like to purchase the Open Source Intelligence and/or Extreme Privacy books with Bitcoin, please send an email to the address above with the following information:

Number of copies: The title(s) and number of books desired. There is no minimum.

Name: Any name you want the package delivered to. We do not verify this information and alias names can be used. Please make sure you can receive a package addressed to this name.

Address: The address you would like the package delivered to. We do not verify the deliverability of this address, it will be labeled exactly as you provide.

Email: The email address you would like associated internally with the purchase. This is not shared with any third party, including Amazon. If this is not explicitly provided, we will use the email address from your communication.

After we receive your email, we will send you a unique Bitcoin payment address. You will be instructed to send $50 USD of Bitcoin to that address which purchases the PAPERBACK book including shipping. This address will be generated through a local software wallet, and NOT through a public exchange service. The payment link will expire in 24 hours. It will not be recycled.

Once we receive the payment, we will order the book(s) through KDP (an Amazon Company). We will provide the name and address which you provided to us, and the book is drop-shipped from a KDP printer. This shares your provided name (or alias) and address with Amazon. Neither Amazon nor us will validate any of the details provided, and your order will be purchased through our company credit card. Once your book arrives, we will remove your address from our profile and archive the order, but Amazon will keep a record permanently.

We currently cannot accept orders with cash or other virtual currencies. All orders are final. Due to the nature of print-on-demand books, we cannot process refunds. If your delivery is refused, we have no ability to contact the delivery provider as you (or your alias). We will provide package tracking upon request. This is not a perfect system, but we are striving to provide a way to order the books without an Amazon account or providing Amazon with your true name and funding source.

Books should arrive between 7-28 days after purchase, depending on location and backorders at KDP. Most deliveries occur within two weeks. We can ship from,,, and


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