Extreme Privacy

Mobile Devices - Digital Edition (2023)

16 chapters | 65,000 words | 152 pages. This digital (PDF) supplement to Extreme Privacy presents a whole new approach to our tutorials. It is not a replacement for the printed book, but a much more thorough guide about mobile devices. It provides our entire playbook which we use for our clients when we need to acquire new hardware, configure a custom operating system, execute proper DNS filtering, enable push services, install applications, obtain anonymous cellular service, establish VoIP connectivity, program redundant data eSIMs, provide secure communications, apply VPN strategies, and troubleshoot the things which will go wrong. We also explain all maintenance and best practices for a new private and secure device. All updates are free and delivered digitally.

Digital Edition Summary

If you have the 4th edition of Extreme Privacy, you may want to know what is provided in this new Mobile Devices Digital Edition. Overall, it is a completely rewritten ebook which allowed us to expand on all mobile device related content. All expired and outdated methods were replaced with new techniques throughout every chapter, and brand-new topics were introduced throughout. The outline is below.

CHAPTER 1: Device Selection
CHAPTER 2: OS Installation
CHAPTER 3: Device Configuration
CHAPTER 4: DNS Configuration
CHAPTER 5: Push Services
CHAPTER 6: Application Installation
CHAPTER 7: Cellular Service
CHAPTER 8: VoIP Service
CHAPTER 9: Data Service
CHAPTER 10: Secure Communications
CHAPTER 11: VPN Configuration
CHAPTER 12: Device Customization
CHAPTER 13: Maintenance & Troubleshooting
CHAPTER 14: Daily Usage & Best Practices
CHAPTER 15: Reset and Reversal
CHAPTER 16: Apple iOS Considerations

Release Schedule

This book (Digital Edition) was released in February 2023. Any updates will be provided free to purchasers, who will be notified via email of new files. The current revision is 2023.12.01.

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