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The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show – Episode 241

EPISODE 241-Listener Questions This week Jason and I tackle your listener questions. Direct support for this podcast comes from sales of my books, services, and online training. More details can be found at Your support eliminates any ads, sponsors, endorsements, Patreon, donations, or commercial influence on this show. Listen to THIS episode at […]

Privacy and OSINT lessons from the IronMarch Leak

Last week, an unknown “hacker” released a copy of a user database from the IronMarch forum, which was an online neo-nazi meeting place until it was shut down. An archive of the public site can be found at The dumped data includes a full copy of all content, including details such as emails, IP […]

The Privacy, Security, & OSINT Show – Episode 109

EPISODE 109: Privacy News & Buscador 2.0 Release This week I talk about the latest privacy news and David Westcott joins me to announce the official release of the free Buscador OSINT Virtual Machine. Listen to all episodes at or Subscribe at: RSS / iTunes / Google / Stitcher¬† / Spotify SHOW NOTES: SPONSORS: […]