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Posted on October 29th, 2018

The following new-ish resources have been beneficial to my online investigations this month, and have been added to the new IntelTechniques Online Search Portal:

World Imagery Wayback –

This satellite mapping tool, powered by ESRI, offers multiple historic views of practically any position on earth. I highly recommend checking the “Only updates with local changes” box, as it will remove useless options without any visual changes. Last week, I used this to identify a unique vehicle in a driveway of a suspect residence. I could not find this evidence on any other mapping options.


Social Searcher –

This tool is not new, but there have been some updates that are worth mentioning. The search option allows query of any data including names, usernames, or keywords. The export option on the right is useful to create a csv of results. Recently, this located a social network profile that had been deleted, but was still being picked up. There was enough data to extract details for another search through archives.


Profilr –

Another service that has been around a while, but only recently have I found it to be useful. It only searches six main networks, and queries can be made from the search field or through a direct URL as follows:


Findera –

This site is obviously scraping LinkedIn data, which is nothing new. The difference here is that you can search for keywords within fields that are not searchable by LinkedIn. In one example, I searched my own name to make sure there were no undesired profiles. One of the results was a LinkedIn profile that mentioned my training at one time. This could be a great tool to search deleted profiles or accounts that have since removed specific details.


Intelligence X –

This is another service scanning and collecting paste dumps, which often include email lists and password breaches. A search will display a few results and redact the rest unless you are logged into a free registered account. I have found many relevant details here. This is a mandatory stop for an email search.


Grey Hat Warfare –

I have yet to experience a benefit to my investigations with this tool, but I can see where it could be valid. This tool scrapes public Amazon buckets, even those that should be made private. I currently only visit this tool when searching businesses. Many of the links do not provide any actual content, but some reveal data unavailable anywhere else, such as test web pages and documents.


Telegago –

This Google CSE searches for information relevant to Telegram/Telegraph data. Results can be filtered by Private, Stickers, Contacts, Public, and other general areas of the popular online service.


Google Storage API –

This Google Dork provides some surprising results. If your target uses the Google Storage API (similar to Google Drive), you may find exposed content. These often include PDF files not publicly linked on official websites.


DeepL Translator –

Whether you are frustrated with garbled translations from Google or simply want a second opinion, DeepL is a fantastic language translator. It also allows translation of uploaded foreign documents. This feature recently helped me quickly translate a large Word document that would have otherwise taken many hours to break apart.


YouTube Channel Crawler –

Searching videos and users on Youtube is fairly straight-forward. Searching YouTube channels using wildcard queries has always been frustrating. Channel Crawler attempts to fix this by scraping channels and providing a search option for the collected data. I find that providing the most minimal search query possible works best.


Whoodle –

This is another U.S. people search engine with a freemium model. The free results are usually enough to give me direction for additional searches on more reliable sites. Clicking View Report will only present you with payment options.


Yellow Pages Goes Green –

The overall design and function of this website is awful. The data behind it is mediocre. Why is it here? Many people are removing their white pages listings from the main people finder sites, but miss smaller option such as this one. Searching on the main page will fail almost every time. Instead, I suggest using Google as follows: “debbie bazzell”



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