OSINT Search Resource: Cars Owners

Posted on September 3rd, 2018

Only a few years ago, paid access to a premium database was required in order to search vehicle information such as a VIN or owner details. We are slowly starting to see this type of data leak into free public resources. One such tool is Cars Owners (carsowners.net). This site does not have much search functionality. Instead, you must navigate through make, model, year, state, and finally personal details. Instead, consider a custom Google search. If I were looking for any vehicles owned by John Smith, I would type the following into Google.

site:carsowners.net “john smith”

This produces numerous results. I may want to filter by state and make, such as the following search on Google:

site:carsowners.net “john smith” “mazda” “tx”

This leads us to a direct URL of https://carsowners.net/mazda/mazda3/2007/tx/page8. On this page, the following is an example of the type of details one should expect:

We can also search personal details such as a telephone number, address, or VIN. The following search examples have been productive.

site:carsowners.net “(618) 463-4164”

site:carsowners.net “4900 Ridgewood Ln”

site:carsowners.net “1G4GE5GD0BF256768”

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