Important OSINT VM Update!

If you have followed the Linux Virtual Machine (VM) tutorials within the latest OSINT book, you may have noticed that the automated install script and updates script no longer function without errors. This appears to be caused by a change within a recent Pip update which no longer allows Pip commands to be ran as Sudo (or at least heavily discourages it). Some readers report that installation completes just fine while others report refusal to update applications. Running these as Sudo was probably always bad practice, but it ensured the appropriate permissions were granted. Regardless, we should no longer do this. Therefore, I have updated the install script, update script, and Linux text file within the downloads section for the book. Instead of commands such as:

sudo -H python3 -m pip install youtube_dl

I have changed them all to:

python3 -m pip install youtube_dl

If you are using the automated script to make a new VM, this has already been applied and you need to take no action. If your VM can no longer apply updates, re-download the file and replace the script in your Documents folder. Alternatively, simply build a new VM from the script on my site.