Facebook Tools Update

Posted on June 22nd, 2018

Facebook constantly tweaks its search structure, which occasionally breaks some of my custom search tools (https://inteltechniques.com/osint/facebook.html). Recently, locating a person’s profile by their school, likes, employer, and location started displaying errors or blank pages. I updated several search options within the right-side portion of the Facebook Tools page in order to correct these issues, and added some new functionality. The Multiple Variables option is also working again. However, there are come caveats.

You Must be logged into a Facebook profile
You should refresh the tools page to get the latest updates
Some countries are blocked from these types of searches (Change to US)
Some profiles are blocked from these searches (Flagged accounts)
Some tools require a User ID instead of keyword (These are marked)
Some can accept either a user number or user name

I anticipate several additions to this tool in the coming weeks as new search techniques become stable. If you have any questions or experience issues, please post them to the OSINT forum.

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