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Welcome to the new IntelTechniques Search Tool. Use the links to the left to access all of the custom search tools. The OSINT LINKS section contains hundreds of online search resources. Click any category to expand the selection. The OSINT Linux build can be found HERE.

Buscador: An OSINT Linux Virtual Machine

Buscador is an OSINT Linux Virtual Machine that is pre-configured for online investigations. It was developed by David Westcott and Michael Bazzell, and distributions are maintained on this page.

Download Buscador HERE


The Sixth Edition of the book on internet search techniques is now available. Click the book below for details.

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Digital Privacy Guide

The Fourth Edition (2018) of my book on digital privacy is now available:

Free Workbook

This digital document (PDF) contains my entire collection of personal online data removal links from all of my books. It is updated monthly as sites change. If you are looking for the most recent list of online information removal resources, this is it.