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Whether you are looking for a live keynote for your conference or a specialized training event for your staff, we have you covered. We can cater to everything from a one-hour general session to a 5-day training bootcamp. Every event is customized for your audience. Please select your path below.

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Upcoming Live Events

Almost all of our live training sessions are conducted privately for a specific group or agency. This allows us to customize the content for your needs. On rare occassion, we participate in a course with open enrollment. Please contact us today if you would like to reserve an instructor to present a custom training session for your organization. Any courses that allow public registration, including those restricted to Law Enforcement, will be listed below. All other events are private.


Training Resources

Login no longer required. All resources for the live training classes are now publicly available:

Online Tools
Online Links
Android Tools
Linux Buscador VM
CyberCrime Links

NOTE: The Linux VM replaces the previous Windows Software Pack, which is no longer used in the live training.

Online Training


You can order your online video training with any credit card right now and receive UNLIMITED access to our entire catalog!

These courses, with over 270 videos containing over 85 hours of real content, replicate our entire arsenal of live training resources. All packages now include FULL ACCESS to our OSINT, Privacy, & Cyber courses, and updates every month.

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Full details of all training modules can be found HERE