Cyber Keynotes with Michael Bazzell

Michael Bazzell has delivered over 300 live keynotes over the past decade for companies of all sizes. He presents a unique perspective on cybercrime from his twenty-year career as a government computer crime investigator. His sessions involve actual live demonstrations in real-time instead of constant PowerPoint. In 2018, he revamped his entire arsenal of topics, which can be found below. Please Contact Us to book him.

Protecting Your Organization from Computer Crime

This session focuses on recent trends of online fraud, computer intrusion, and ways that suspects steal valuable data from your company. The presentation includes the details of how hackers commit their crimes and what any employee can do to protect company assets. The audience will learn immediately how password hacking, email phishing, telephone attacks, social engineering, and online devices are an emerging threat against every business. Live examples of 'hacking' into information will surprise the audience, while detailed solutions will be displayed on how to stop the threats. Your employees will easily modify a few key online habits that will help protect your organization from the next attack.

Minimum Length: 1 Hour
Maximum Length: 2 Hours

Securing Your Family's Digital Life

This session focuses on the numerous ways that suspects steal your personal information and explains how they benefit from the data obtained. The presentation includes live demonstrations of how you and your family are likely to be attacked and the easy steps that anyone can take to prevent becoming a victim. The audience will learn immediately how to properly create and store passwords, generate proper online security questions, secure their home computers from online threats, and apply better overall defensive behavior in regards to technology in the home. Attendees will learn how most hackers can access personal online accounts with only one attempt. More importantly, they will learn how to stop the intrusion.

Minimum Length: 1 Hour
Maximum Length: 2 Hours

The Invisible Life

This entertaining session steps away from the tradition "How-to" approach of my cyber protection presentations. Instead, I share stories of my life as a privacy consultant. In 2015, I launched a new company dedicated to assisting other people in disappearing completely when bad situations arose. Whether conducting online data-mining removals for privacy; facilitating property purchases through the use of anonymous land trusts and LLCs for asset protection; or complete relocations to safe houses in the middle of the night for protection, it has been a fascinating ride of research and execution. With consent of a few clients, I share their struggles with being hidden and anonymous in a world that tracks our every move. This session specifically shares details of what it takes to create new lives for an attempted homicide victim in hiding, a celebrity with a desire to keep the paparazzi away from her home, and a lottery winner that must start over under an alias to live a normal life. The audience will learn the creative ways that I make people invisible, and the mistakes that I have made along the way.

Minimum Length: 1 Hour
Maximum Length: 2 Hours

Advanced Internet Search Techniques

We have all "Googled" someone and received varied results. This data is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to proper internet search. This presentation will show the audience how to "dig" into the internet for personal information about themselves, their children, or others. While popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are covered in great detail, including the ability to access data thought to be private, the presentation goes much deeper into the vast resources available online for researching personal information. The content gathered will give a surprising glimpse of what anyone with an internet connection can find out about you! Each presentation is custom tailored for the audience, and can be very beneficial for conducting background checks, employee screening, customer acquisition, and any type of investigation. Lifetime use of custom search tools will be provided to all attendees.

Minimum Length: 1 Hour
Maximum Length: 4 Hours

Hiding from the Internet

In 2011, I discovered an abundance of personal information about me on several publicly available Websites. I soon realized that data collection companies store information about all of us and offer it for a price. I immediately began a campaign to recover my privacy and remove all sensitive information from the internet. I documented my progress and wrote Hiding from the Internet to help others do the same. Since then, this topic has grown into a 300+ page textbook and an extended speaking session. This presentation will demonstrate the need to protect yourself from the numerous data brokers that make millions of dollars from your private life. Among other techniques, the audience will learn how to: 

Remove your personal information from public databases and people search Websites 
Create anonymous physical addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers 
Use a credit freeze to eliminate the worry of financial identity theft and fraud 
Change your future habits to promote complete privacy and anonymity
Legally use aliases to prohibit future population into "the system"  

Minimum Length: 1 Hour
Maximum Length: 4 Hours

Books are an optional purchase as part of the live presentation or training session. Each member of the audience can take home a book authored by the presenter and related to the event at a minimal cost. Contact Us for more details.

Michael Bazzell's Bio

Michael Bazzell has been investigating computer crimes on behalf of the government for over 20 years. During the majority of that time, he was assigned to the FBI’s Cyber Crimes Task Force where he focused on various online investigations and open source intelligence (OSINT) collection. As an active investigator, he has been involved in numerous major criminal investigations including online child solicitation, child abduction, kidnapping, cold-case homicide, terrorist threats, and computer intrusions. He has trained thousands of individuals in the use of his investigative techniques. He also served as the technical advisor for the television hacker drama "Mr. Robot". His books "Open Source Intelligence Techniques" and "Hiding from the Internet" have been best sellers in both the United States and Europe. Michael currently works and resides in Washington, D.C., and also serves as an advisor for the privacy app Sudo.

Video Presentations

Many organizations prefer a recorded video presentation that can be delivered in a live setting or transmitted through their internal network. We can create a custom training presentation focused specifically toward your industry, outlining the latest threats targeting you. This video is your property for unlimited usage, at a small portion of the cost of a live event. Contact Us for further details.

Photo Policy

Due to Michael's previous work, he does not publish any personal photos. If you need a photo to place in promotional material, we hold license to this file (FULL LINK):

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