Hiding from the Internet

In the third edition of my book Hiding from the Internet, I discuss the various ways to remove your personal information from the internet. This includes social networks, people search Websites, data brokers, public records, and more. This page was originally created to assist the readers of the book. Each link mentioned is on this page, separated by chapter. As links change, I will update them here. This page does not include instruction, and some of the links may seem confusing without the book. I also conduct training sessions on these techniques.

Chapter One: Pre-Assessment

Chapter Two: Self-Background Check

Chapter Three: Preparation

Chapter Four: Online Protection

Chapter Five: Credit Companies

Chapter Six: Anonymous Purchases

Chapter Seven: Anonymous Telephones

Chapter Eight: Personal Data Removal

Chapter Nine: Social Networks

Chapter Ten: Web Publishing

Chapter Eleven: Government Records

Chapter Twelve: Disinformation

Chapter Thirteen: Aliases

Chapter Fourteen: Future Habits

Chapter Fifteen: Major Life Changes

Chapter Sixteen: The Home Firewall

Chapter Seventeen: Data Leakage Response

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This digital document (PDF) contains my entire collection of personal online data removal links from all of my books. It is updated often as sites change. If you are looking for the most recent list of online information removal resources, this is it.


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