Cyber Keynote Links

Below are some of the the links to free resources that I discuss during my Cyber Keynotes. All resources will open inside of a new tab in your browser. If you would like to schedule a presentation, contact us.

LastPass (Secure cloud-based password manager)
KeePassXC (Desktop-Secure computer-based password manager)
MiniKeepass (iOS-Secure mobile-based password manager)
PIA VPN (Encrypts and protects your internet connection, even public wi-fi)

SpyCloud (MONITOR Email Address for Compromises)
Have I Been Pwned?
(SEARCH email addresses to discover reported breaches)
Hacked-Emails (SEARCH email addresses to discover RECENT breaches)
How Secure is my Password (Identify password strength)
Password Meter(Identify password strength)
Exif VieWer (Uncover hidden data within digital photographs)
Shodan (Discover various online devices such as cameras, thermostats, and printers)
Wigle (Database of wireless access points)
Norse (Live attack map)
Annual Credit Report (Free credit report to detect fraud)
Credit Freeze (Blog post with instructions)
IRS PIN (Obtain a PIN to avoid IRS fraud)

Microsoft 7 AV:MS Security Essentials
Microsoft 10 AV: MS Defender
MalwareBytes: (Windows)
MalwareBytes: (Mac)
CCleaner: (Windows)
CCleaner: (Mac)

Online Links and Resources

You can find all of the links from each book and topic below. These are updated often.

Internet Search Links: Online Privacy Links: Digital Privacy & Security: Physical Privacy & Security:


The Sixth Edition of the book on internet search techniques is now available. Click the book below for details.

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