The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast – Episode 094

Posted on October 12th, 2018

EPISODE 094: Bruce Schneier

This week I interview Bruce Schneier about his new book and our privacy strategies.

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Pay with Privacy


Bruce Schneier:

Click Here To Kill Everybody:


D: Discussion


Q: I ditched the US cell phone number I had for over a decade. Unfortunately, I had a large number of accounts using the old number as 2FA. I didn’t have enough time to transition everything slowly and now I’m stuck calling individual companies to be able to log in to various accounts. Any advice/alternative ways to deal with this transition? Also, I am wondering if someone would be able to get my old number? Is there a way I can make sure that number “dies” and isn’t used again?

Q:  How do you feel about entering one’s mobile telephone number in the U. S. government’s “do not call” registry? Also, if one receives a spam text or telephone call to their personal mobile number, how do you feel about reporting the spammer to the U. S. government’s “do not call complaint” website (this requires disclosing one’s mobile number).

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