The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast – Episode 091

Posted on September 21st, 2018

EPISODE 091: Privacy vs. OSINT with Justin Seitz

This week Justin Seitz joins me to talk about the impact of OSINT on privacy.

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OSINT Discussion
Justin Seitz


Defense: Better habits


Q: I found a vulnerability on a website. I was able to see many of their customer purchase receipts (PDFs) are being crawled/indexed by search engines. Making them public to anyone to find. I told them about it, they don’t seem to care. Is there nothing more I can do here?

Q: What you think of LinkedIn? It’s currently the only social media platform I have and use, but I’m considering either locking it down or removing it completely.I think that having a LinkedIn account can be valuable in terms of making connections and finding jobs, but I’m also concerned about it from a privacy standpoint. What do you guys think of this? Should I delete my account or should I keep it?

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