The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast – Episode 090

Posted on September 14th, 2018

EPISODE 090: Privacy vs. Online Dating

This week we talk with a group of singles about being private while dating online.

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Credit Freeze Updates:

Telecom attempts to takeover online identity:


Online Dating Discussion


Skipped this week


When I make an online reservation for a car rental, they request what airline and flight number I’ll be arriving on. The government knows what airline I’m on and I haven’t figured out a way to rent a car in an alias name, yet. So, both the airline reservation and the automobile rental reservation are in my real name. However, is there any reason for Hertz (or Avis or whomever) to know my airline and flight number?

How did you start, in terms of it being your line of work? Would you have any advice for me, in terms of spreading privacy to the public? I hope to make a living related to Privacy Education/Promotion.

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