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Posted on July 29th, 2018

Prior to Firefox version 57, I relied heavily on the DownThemAll extension for bulk downloads of files, images, or embedded data. This extension is no longer supported, and will not work within fully updated versions of Firefox. While I could switch to Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release), that is only a temporary bandage to the problem. Instead, I now use Download Star for bulk downloads, which is available here:

This extension adds a small white icon in the upper right of Firefox. Clicking it executes a new window with numerous options. I will begin with a quick demo of my own home page. The following image displays my selection of “Images” and the default download folder on my Mac of ~/user/Downloads/images. This can be modified to any folder you desire. The “12” indicates that all twelve images on this page will be downloaded, and you can toggle off any images you want to skip. Once you see the desired files for download, click the small down arrow next to the “12” in the upper right. This will download all of these images.

In another scenario, I conducted a search of “OSINT” intitle:index.of in order to find an open directory containing files titled OSINT. This led me to which contains hundreds of PDF, PNG, and other file types. In the image below, you can see that I deselected the embedded images button (lower left), selected the links option (lower left), and selected the Document filter (upper middle). This immediately notified me that 559 documents are ready for download. In the image, you can see a “greyed” jpg that will not be downloaded, but green pdf files which will be retrieved. I could have selected all filters in order to download everything from this page.

You can also filter by terms. In my investigations, this tools allows immediate download of hundreds of files at once. I have used it for open directories of videos, documents, and audio files. It could also be used to download images from large social media profiles. Overall, this tool is a vital companion to the embedded Firefox Screen Capture Tool.

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