The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast – Episode 082

Posted on June 8th, 2018

EPISODE 082: When Privacy Enthusiasts Die

What happens to all of our encrypted data and accounts when we die? This week, we discuss privacy considerations before we pass.

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Common problems when private people die:

Accounts are impossible to locate
Passwords all unique & secure
Data is encrypted (if found)
Devices are locked
Contacts are missing
Mail is inaccessible


Defense: Find name, Go to profile, hover, “Remove me”. Must allow scripts in browser.


I am getting ready to travel internationally in a few weeks. I have concerns about bringing my phone and laptop with me due to you having almost zero rights to privacy at customs (Including US customs) and that they can force you to turn on your phone, and unlock it. Furthermore, I’ve read that they can also remove the your electronics from your sight, bring it to another room, and can only imagine what they’re doing. Any advice you can lend on your recommendations for international travel?

I see that Firefox now supports 2FA, what does this mean, and should I enable it?

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