The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast – Episode 077

Posted on April 27th, 2018

EPISODE 077: This Week In Privacy Questions

This week we answer six listener questions and tackle an important new Offense/Defense

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I have just found some sites have information on me thanks to the WHOIS information on an old domain. I want to remove the information from these sites and one asks for an ID photo to prove its me. Would you recommend sending one? Also on the other page its impossible to contact them for it to get removed. Any suggestions?

I had a credit card purchase a while back, and received a new card number since. The annual renewal came due, which I didn’t want to renew, and thought the change in card number would be sufficient. However, the merchant managed to find out the new card number and successfully bill the new card. What impact might this have to someone using a card with an alias name if a similar situation occurred?

I want to switch my main number to sudo – but im worried about not being able to use my sudoapp number in mysudo. Do you share this same concern?

New iPhone user here. I just made a junk appleid and signed in, does this sync anything with apples servers? If someone were to steal this account info – could they restore my apps with accounts saved? Would they have my Sudos?

Any thoughts on this Github Apple service removal tool:
Also, Does reformatting my Mac and using a new Apple account really achieve anything?

Regarding episode 39, can cell phone company’s “ping” non – smart phone when they are turned off. Another words, am I disclosing my location with my flip phone when it is off?


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