The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast – Episode 069

Posted on March 2nd, 2018

EPISODE 069: Nextcloud

This week we talk with Nextcloud about secure storage, calendars, notes, and more.

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Faraday Hacking:






I plan to buy a new iPhone with cash while I wait for the Librem 5 telephone to be delivered next year. I want to go to a box store and buy a SIM card and prepaid plan with cash. I travel a lot. What is the best prepaid plan for those that travel? Currently, I have Verizon which is paid for on a corporate credit card and I like Verizon overall. Cost is not an issue.

I have a question regarding transferring a Sudo account from an Apple iPhone to an iPod. I don’t want to use my iPhone in my home because even in Airplane mode, the base band calls home, so to speak. I ordered a Librem 5 telephone, but it won’t be available until 2019. Meanwhile, I am considering paying cash for a new iPod touch to use at home for telephone calls. My iPhone will be kept in my car in a Silent Pocket faraday cage so it’s off line. I have the Sudo app on my iPhone. If I transfer my Sudo account to the iPod, will there be linkage between my iPhone and the new iPod? Will I be better off downloading the Sudo app on my iPhone and establishing 9 new telephone numbers?

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