Another People Search Site with Impressive Records

Posted on May 5th, 2017

Many months ago, the OSINT and Privacy communities were buzzing about FamilyTreeNow. This site possessed highly accurate details about most Americans, including home address, telephone numbers, and family members. It allowed an opt-out process for removal of personal data, but most people did not make the effort. Recently, a site that appears to offer a clone of that data has emerged at Even more interesting, the data that was removed from FamilyTreeNow is still present in TruePeopleSearch. I had already removed my personal details from a previous home address from FamilyTreeNow several months ago. The first search for my name on TruePeopleSearch a week ago revealed the same two previously removed records live on this site. This was quite surprising, and it appears extremely likely that the data source for these two sites is the same. I am now curious of how many more sites like these will continue to appear online.

If you would like to search for personal records, navigate to

If you would like to remove your records, navigate to

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