Episode 001-The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast

Posted on October 15th, 2016

We have released our first episode of The Complete Privacy & Security Podcast. This podcast will explain how to become digitally invisible.

Listen now at https://inteltechniques.com/podcast.html

Show Notes:

Book Updates:

Chapter One: Computer Security
Avast now checks for out of date software

Chapter Two: Web Browser Security
Firefox: Self-Destructing Cookies instead of Better Privacy
Opera, built in VPN
Min Browser

Chapter Three: Preparation
GMX Update

Chapter Six: Online Account Security
SMS downgraded as TFA method
Reader/listener help with filling in banking chart
New Yubikey partners (KeePass Tutorial)
Dashlane non-sync option with Yubikey

Chapter Eight: Personal Data Removal
Nuwber Opt-Out

Chapter Nine: Credit Companies
Credit Un-Freezing issues

Chapter Ten: Anonymous Purchases
Amazon Locker

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