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We have replicated our entire live training within these detailed video courses. Nothing was left out of this 80-hour catalog, which encompasses more content than our complete two-week live training program. Each training module consists of several videos (units). Each video will prompt you at the end to continue to the next training segment and allows you to document your progress. You can browse the content of each module by clicking HERE. The status indicator always displays your current progress and takes you to the next video in the course at any time. Your membership provides you immediate access to all of our videos, priority support directly with Michael Bazzell, monthly software downloads, advanced resources, and discounted renewals. Instead of providing expensive individual videos, we give you everything at once at a much more affordable price.

Unlimited Access

Learn what you want, when you want, from our entire course library. Watch from your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Download free software solutions for easy online searching. Revisit any content when needed.

270 Videos

Find what you need in our growing library. New videos added monthly for all levels of technical skill. Browse for a specific topic or follow the guided course. You set the pace with over 60 Hours of OSINT videos and 20 Hours of Digital Privacy & Security videos.


Receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of your training to document your education. We can verify your training to third parties at your request.

Fair Pricing

We offer various levels of training based on your needs, and all video and software updates are included as part of your active membership. Use the following payment options to get started today.

60 Days - $299
OSINT Training
Over 200 Videos
Over 60 Hours

60 Days - $375
OSINT Training
Privacy Training
Over 270 Videos
Over 80 Hours

1 Year - $749
OSINT Training
Over 200 Videos
Over 60 Hours

1 Year - $899
OSINT Training
PRIVACY Training
CYBER Training
Over 275 Videos
Over 85 Hours



The Sixth Edition of the book on internet search techniques is now available. Click the book below for details.